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In the past week I poured out another 13K or so, but I’m still under 350K for the year’s total. One more reason next year to concentrate on writing and see if at the third attempt I can reach that goal of 500K a year! πŸ™‚

Of those 13K I had to downsize them to under 12K because it’s a submission. I don’t think I could have made it a full novel, so I just compacted it into a shorter work to submit next year. I will need some feedback and fact-checking before I send it out.

In case you missed it, there’s a Christmas gift from the fine folks at WMG Publishing. I can vouch for their online (and offline) workshops, since I’ve done many and already have 2 on my Teachable dashboard.

If next year you want it to be The Year of Writing Madly like I am, please take this lecture


it’s free if you hurry and get the coupon before January 22nd.

I might also experiment with old titles and see if I can pull off the illustrated books for adults feat. Print only special editions of novellas or shorter novels. Because I also like beautiful books, but I’m not sure yet how I can produce what I have in mind. I may have to actually publish those in 2019, since I need time to gather the inside artworks (or make them)! πŸ™‚ Comics and art books (or books with art) are still better in print (along with non-fiction).

I will also put marketing on hold to see how the new Facebook algorithms affect authors and what happens on BookBub and Instafreebie. Also how to make a more effective newsletter, to find more subscribers and spread Brand Barb around the interwebs.

I shall conclude with the Smart Author Podcast notes on the Indie Author Manifesto (also a 30minutes podcast). And here’s the original inphographic for you!

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  1. Hope it will be third time lucky for you on the word count goal. Either way though, I’m sure you’ll enjoy making next year the year of writing.

    I want/need to finish sorting my backlist in audio, but am still hoping to focus more time on writing next year than I have this year. I don’t know about signing up for workshops though… I want to be able to let things move at a slower pace next year (after I come back from my trip in early January).


    • Looking forward to thr Year of Writing Madly! 😁
      But l need that new Netbook… And will havo to do a publication schedule anyway. Next year.
      Enjoying the end of this one for now! πŸ™‚


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