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This randomness shall start with thanking Kat Murty for explaining the difference between Cultural Appropriation and Cultural Exchange.

(oh, cool, I managed to embed a Facebook post on the blog!) Ahem! Where was I? Yes, cultural appropriation vs exchange. Now it’s really crystal clear, but this doesn’t mean I’ll wear that sari I bought in Jaipur or the one my mother brought me from Delhi (I think) a couple of years before.

In fact I don’t think I’ll ever wear a sari unless 1) it’s a bridal sari (although I doubt I’ll have a Hindu wedding in this life, maybe the next, LOL!) or 2) I’m invited at a Hindu wedding and they tell me I can wear a sari and whatnot. Both are very unlikely, so there you have it! 😀

Same goes with the bindi below. I got them in the 1990s at some booth in a Roman Summer fair and haven’t touched them since, but I like them, so I just keep them as they are! The one bindi they put on me when I tried the sari, stayed until night, then ended up on the India travel diary…

And since we’re talking of culture exchange, let me share this video of Cossak women doing the saber dance. Don’t you think they kick ass? Do you they’re giving me ideas for stories? Hell yeah! 😀 Maybe I’ll have a Cossack vampiress or maybe I’ll just use the technique for an alien humanoid fighter… 😉

Have a great weekend! 🙂

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  1. I don’t see why the place or culture of your birth should dictate what you can do or wear, unless you personally have beliefs that make it do so.


    • Some are very touchy because they feel white people appropriate their culture to mock them (and it does happen!) but one should never put everybody else under the same umbrella – there are a**holes who do culture appropriation and there are respectful individuals who like to share culture! 😉
      Goes the same with the topics I never touch because I don’t care about them – religion and politics, I guess…


  2. That’s one of the reasons stereotyping bothers me. You can’t lump everyone together based on those stereotypes that have formed, and shouldn’t try to do so. As for the people who immitate things just to make fun of it… Well, we won’t go in to what I think of those kinds of people, but I will say I don’t like it when that kind of thing happens.

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