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And there’s a new bundle out with Technological Angel it it! This is all of cyborgs and machines and all that stuff, in fact it’s called Cyborg City! So if you’re all for sci-fi, go grab it at BundleRabbit which has also the links to the other retailers… it’s only 4$ for 12 novels!

Coming next is also Vampires of the World, which is already available for pre-order, plus a couple more not curated by me. Lots and lots of bundles this year! 🙂 I will definitely finish the ones I got from StoryBundle in 2015 then I can start (or finish) reading the ones I’m part of! 😉

For next weekend only, Honorable Assassins will be at 99c. The paperback will be available some time next week – I had to redo the cover and order another proof. Sorry about that… Let’s pretend I have the hardcover, while we’re at it! 🙂

I also updated the pre-order documents for Shashank the Fledgling. I have added not one, but two bonus stories! The second is really short and I wouldn’t know where else to put it, so I added it to the ebook and the paperback.Not really bonus-stuffing here, at least the paperback (and the ebook, or course) is richer. I ordered a proof to see how it comes out, along with the revised version of Honorable Assassins.

Unfortunately it’s been a bad month for writing: only 22K for those two stories and some adjustments to other works. Maybe I should retake the novel challenge, LOL! Now I’m writing those final stories for the Fall of the Southern Kingdoms and then I’ll move on to the next project – a rewrite with sequel, then I will really stop recycling old stuff! 😉

I also have to write three more stories, two from the current online workshop and one for some open call project with specific themes – there’s is more than one, but I’m afraid I can write only one of those three! 😉 And the workshop’s not over, I might have to write another opening, so that’s another story I’m sure I’ll have to write… not to mention the opening of past workshops I didn’t have time to finish yet!

Tips for authors using social media on KWL blog. And a Kickstarter for Pulphouse Fiction Magazine, that will feature also yours truly sometimes next year! 🙂

About telling a story vs. writing a story. I probably mentioned it before, but I’m a storyteller, not a wordsmith. I want to tell stories not spend days on writing down the right sentence of finding a brand new metaphor. I call that purple prose and I skim it when I see it! 😉

I tried to read a Jack Reacher book, but I’m not too fond of first person narration, so it has gone in the backburner. I have enough reading to do before getting to that! 😀

One last thing: if you aren’t on Draft2Digital yet, you can join through referral now. They distribute to the usual suspects, have ebook templates (that I still have to try…) and now even allow audio! What’s not to love? They’re even better and faster that Smashwords whenever I had a problem… So, what are you waiting for? If you’re indie, join Draft2Digital! 🙂

Have a great week! 🙂

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  1. Even if it was a slower writing month for you, it sounds like you were quite busy with the other writing related tasks. You know, the less fun, but essential if you want books out there to be read type tasks. 😉


    • LOL! Trust Tori for some words of wisdom… And she could be my daughter! 😁
      Thanks, Tori, you shall be rewarded… 😘


  2. Ah, I did not know D2D had gone exclusive to referrals. That’s who I’ve been using, so I’m in already and knew they were promoting referrals, just didn’t consider the rest of the implications. Good to know. Thanks! I have not read any of the Jack Reacher books, but saw the movies and enjoyed them. I don’t like first person present but any other tense is fine. I just can’t bring myself to read present tense writing no matter what person is telling the story.


    • You don’t have to join through referral only, it’s just another way, like Smashwords affiliate links. But if you’re already there, you should have received their communication… Unless you unsubscribed to them all! 😁


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