Random Friday

Been reading samples for the next bundle, and I hope to find enough novels to fill it. Otherwise I’ll probably have to add shorter works and collections. In the meantime brainstorming the next book (and I’m not even done with the next one, LOL!) and getting started on at least one of the shorter works – which could eventually go into the bundle if I make it also of shorter works. Or maybe it will be a newsletter exclusive for a year or so. Or maybe I don’t know yet.

Been thinking about those projects – most are for next year, but you know… when the mind wanders… and the hand follows… I ended up doing a few chibis of myself that I may use in the future projects (at least one of them). So there you have Chibi Writer Barb!

This weekend I’ll make sure the document is ready and upload the pre-order also where I cannot do the assetless pre-order and next weekend will be the infamous marketing weekend cum POD formatting. Gah.

Draft2Digital added some e-book templates but I may try them on the next series. I did write a novel that isn’t part of any series yet this summer, after all! 😉 So I guess I will try their sci-fi templates sometime before the end of the year, yay!

Any app-developers willing to work on that “Take Care of an Author (TM)” app (see previous post comments if you missed them)? I can do the chibis of the authors, but I’m hopeless with making apps… 😉

Have a great weekend! 😀

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  1. Wouldn’t it be cool if someone took us up on that offer and created that app?

    I’m already thinking about next year too. Of course, part of that is because I decided to hold off on worrying about publishing anything new until I’ve finished catching up on audiobook production, as well as the things I have planned for the audiobook promotion. But still. It’s always good to think a little way ahead. I think so, anyway.

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