Random Friday

With special thanks to a Goodreads friend *waves at Jessica* I was introduced to the Diabolic Shrimp. It’s an authors network, but it’s also for readers.

The very kind Josh said that if I happened to know readers or writers, I should invite them to join the fun too. His words:

I’m adding a FREE opportunity to advertise your book that will only take a moment of your time.  If you are willing to share Diabolic Shrimp in FIVE social media posts or TEN individual messages to other people (readers or authors), then I will post your book in the footer of Diabolic Shrimp for a whole month.  This will include the cover picture, a two sentence description, and a link to the book landing page (see my example on Diabolic Shrimp).  This appears on every page of the site including the homepage.  I only have three spots available so please contact me at this email or on the site if you’re interested.  (This option is currently booked up until January 2018! L  I’m researching ways to free up more advertising space.  Just wanted you to be aware of it for the future.)

For the second feature, I’m creating a new drawing called the Shrimp Tank.  I will draw a ticket from the Shrimp Tank every month and buy a book from whoever is drawn (this is in addition to my monthly buy and the book I buy to give away to readers).  When you get a ticket entered into the Shrimp Tank, it stays forever, so everything you do builds your chances to be drawn over time.  There are several ways to get tickets (one of them is FREE).  You may have noticed I highlight an author’s novel each month.  If you buy that author’s novel, I put FIVE tickets into the Shrimp Tank for you.  I will place THREE tickets in if you buy another author’s book that I’ve also bought (it has a picture of me with their book on Diabolic Shrimp).  If you buy one of my (Josh Grant’s) novels, I put THREE tickets into the Shrimp Tank.  And if you’re all for the free option, either sharing Diabolic Shrimp in one social media post or individually messaging three people will get you ONE ticket (you can do this multiple times if you like).  You don’t need to provide proof of any of these things (Diabolic Shrimp is all about integrity), just email me and tell me what you did and provide your name so I can add you to the Tank.

Now, since he’s also a writer, I hope to have him soon on this very blog for an interview. If you wish to know more, hop here. And if you want to join, here.

In the meantime, I wish you a great weekend! 🙂

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