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And we have another Vampires Through the Centuries story out! Check out Indestructible, with the cover of awesome Shafali Anand! Some retailers might not show it yet, since I uploaded it after I set up the pre-order button. I had to manually add it on Amazon after release and the Smashwords Premium Catalog doesn’t immediately update a book when I make changes to it. The fastest one was Kobo! 😉

And since I want to try to participate in a Kobo promo this month, I decided to re-publish the Books of the Immortals Box Set. It is now available on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes&Noble and Apple at 4.99$ for the time being. I had to reformat it completely, which took me a couple of hours to go through the mammoth 1000+pages document.

So, final April wordcount was a little over 30K. This month I need to write 4 stories about the fall of the southern kingdoms, then in June I’ve taken up the Novel Challenge, so I’ll be busy with novels for the summer months! 🙂 I need to write Shashank’s book anyway, and if I can write it in a month, the better. I also want to redraft a sci-fi novella which I might have for Worldcon.

Some writerly links: how you should really really really stay away from agents and start learning some business. I’m not business-oriented either, but when I read those stories I just want to scream in frustration. It’s another reason to be indie, but then, I’m a control freak! 😉

I didn’t know about the Smarter Artist Summit, but I may attend in the future, now that I know it exists! 😉 It sounds like a great networking opportunity… And I’ve been to Milan for the Kobo/Mondadori contest, so I’ve been at the ceremony and met the Kobo team. They’re all quite nice, especially the Kobo Europe ladies.

Now back to writing! Have a great week! 🙂

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  1. I grabbed my copy of the new book this morning. 🙂

    Your word count was much better than mine was in April. Actually, your word counts have been better than mine every month so far this year. Part of it is my own fault, I have to admit. But part of it is because the landlords have finally got some repair guys who show up to do the jobs, so they’re making the most of it to get repairs and renovations done. Plus, in the meantime, we’re FINALLY getting the boxes we’ve had packed since we moved here – and, in some cases, longer than that.

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    • yes, I saw it, I had scheduled the newsletter for yesterday… first time I schedule it, I thought it would be for the morning, but maybe I didn’t check if it said 7AM or PM, LOL! Since I got a copy too, I received it at 7PM, so… nyeh! Will do better next time! 😉
      Hope the house works end soon! 🙂


  2. – unpacked and organized on to shelves and such.

    (sorry, hit post before I was done… the part sentence above is what should have been included in the previous comment).


  3. Regarding your newsletter: I wondered why it came later in the day… Newsletters from you are usually waiting for me when I get online on the day they arrive.

    Regarding the work around here: I hope it’s done soon too. Although, at least most of it doesn’t require them to come in our place now, so I can do something other than just try to stay out of their way when they’re working.

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