Writer Wednesday

Been reading like crazy and not writing much, but I found an interesting site of futurists and how they see the world. So if for example you want to know about the future of work, you can see that the only way to have a job in the future it to be creative – until AIs become better than us at that too, of course.

I have a still unpublished short story about a bleak future for writers, but we’re not there yet. We’re not even close, actually. So it’s okay to be discouraged if writing is not your primary need, but otherwise please check this post on the importance of writing in difficult times. Because it escapism is not a dirty word.

I certainly will keep writing, especially on other worlds, but probably also on this godforesaken planet, even though things look pretty grim – unless you study that futuristic Quantum Run site, that is! Things are not so bleak if you check that! 🙂 And there’s the real value of hope

A project that looks cool for when I finish the current moleskine (I’m still using the ones that were gifted to me by friends around 2002…) is this INDITE notebook… I like the fact that I can write longhand again! 🙂

Other good indie news – both Smashwords and Draft2Digital have taken out the “minimum treshold” for Paypal payments (was 10$ on both sites), so money will trickle in more regularly from this year. I wonder if things changed at Paypal to allow both to drop the minimum treshold…

Have a great week! 🙂

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  1. I’ll miss the every three month payments though. it made it seem like I was making money that way, LOL! And i could use it for something useful. Amazon does it monthly and the 15 or 20 they send just gets sucked up into regular expenditures so I never even notice it 😦


    • LOL! I get the Amazon payments at the end of the month after my Dayjob salary, so… I don’t notice them because they go to my bank account. The SW&D2D payments will still go to Paypal and be used to pay editor&cover artist anyway…


  2. I actually like that they’re doing monthly payments. I don’t know why, since the money all ends up in the same place in the end, and it’s not like I make enough to buy much with it. But my initial reaction on hearing the news was, “Oh… Cool!”

    Since they’re doing monthly payments, I’m glad they lowered the payment threshold though. I didn’t see why one needed to exist for PayPal to start with, and know there have been months when the payment threshold would have stopped me being paid if we’d had monthly payments at the time.



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