Random Friday

Weekend in London on the Chinese new year! Southall was disappointing (after 10am most shops were still closed, the “newsagent” that boasted magazines had none and even at the train station there were no magazines worth my time and the trip there, grrr), but I found some DVDs at FOPP (not to mention a wonderful security guy at the door who must have been half my age but still said “Enjoy, Miss” when I left – it’s been too long since someone called me “miss”, LOL!) and some magazines at a WHSmith for future reference.

London shopping

London shopping

I had lunch with a friend, then dropped that bag at the hotel and headed for the O2 to watch Kaabil – the reason why I went to London in the first place. Now if only they dubbed it in English, I’d ask Tori to watch it and tell me what she thinks! 😉 But I doubt she’d go with Kelly reading the subtitles to her…

Barb's review

Barb’s review

It was wonderful seeing the O2 at night… so I’ll leave you with a slideshow of London by day (Chinatown) and by night! 🙂 Have a great weekend! 😀

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  1. Great pics! Glad you had a good time ;D

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  2. I’m glad you mostly enjoyed your trip (apart from the late shop opening times, and lack of decent magazine selections).

    Kelly’s not fast enough to keep up with subtitled movies. He tries, but tends to miss things, either that or he gets in to the movie and forgets he’s meant to be reading them. So unless it had audio description with it that would read them for me, I’d just get frustrated part way through. I’d maybe watch it otherwise.

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    • LOL! I should take you to the movies, then! 🙂
      Maybe when l have the DVD we can set it up (in a few months time)…


  3. Now there’s a thought…

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