Random Friday

Sorry this is short but I’ve had nausea for the past two days and a splitting headache yesterday that didn’t allow for any coherent thought. When you have a weight on the bridge of your nose and wish you could hack away your forehead to stop the pain, it doesn’t really help being creative.

So, I’ll make it Art Friday since it was Da Muse’s birthday last Tuesday (before I started feeling sick, haha!) and I had time to do the first pencil portrait of the year!

hrithik_roshan_by_creativebarbwire-daux9u0I still prefer winter to summer and cold to heat, but sometimes it’s really hard to get out of bed… it both cases, though! (I’m the one who hybernates in summer, so…) Now I’m going back to bed hoping that my brain clears soon because I’m on a deadline…

Oh, and it’s even Friday 13th… brrr! 😉 Have a great weekend! 🙂

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  1. Sorry you’re not feeling well. Feel better soon! *Hugs*

    I prefer colder weather to hot weather too. I can’t handle too much heat. Listening to the wind right now though, I’m not eager to go outside. Although, I was yesterday evening, when it was snowing… I actually went out twice just to go catch snowflakes. They say we might get more snow today. If we do, I’ll go out and play in that too… Nasty wind or not! 😉

    Friday the 13th has never been unlucky for me. Some years my birthday has fallen on a Friday the 13th.

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    • It’s currently pouring outside. No snow on this side of the globe, sigh. Last snowfall was in 2012 and the previous one… 1985-1986! So no counting snowflakes for me.
      And yeah, I don’t believe in bad luck days. Over here it’s 17 that brings bad luck, so we should scratch this whole year out of the calendar and go directly to 2018| 😉
      Hugs back

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  2. Saw your muse on a magazine cover today – he, his dad, and his two sons. Can’t recall which mag thought 🙂


    • Hello India… On my to-buy list for London along with a few more… Mags were another reason besides Kaabil and finding a BA ticket ar 99euro to go to London foe a weekebs in January… 😉

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