Writer Wednesday

Totally procrastinating writing this last week of the year! 😉 I’m not really blaming it on the Holidays (I’m actually more productive, usually, because everybody vanishes with family so I have plenty of time to write) but most certainly to a very distracting Muse and travel plans for the first two months of the new year.

So, going to London end of January and then to the US end of February and I still need to figure out what I must do with my passport expiring in July. Sigh. I hope to find less people tomorrow so I can at least ask info on what I’m supposed to do. I probably won’t request the new one until January, but I’d love to know if I must get a new one or if I can use the expiring one.

Quests 4 is slowly coming along in spite of the procrastination… and the writer has also made some plans for the new year. And a priority list, since it’s always hard to decide what to write first! And no, I’m not afraid of running out of ideas even if I don’t “recycle” old stuff anymore.

If you still have this problem, here’s Asimov’s suggestion – how to never run out of ideas again. I call it project block, more than writer’s block, and his solution is also mine. Like I said, I need to make priority lists or I’d keep bouncing from a project to another! 😉

I’m also starting to look at accomodation in Helsinki for the Worldcon… I’m sure August will creep up on me like the rest of the year. Now that it’s almost over, I can say it went by fast! I also hope to go to some medieval dinner or festival in Italy to cut on the traveling expenses… always useful for my historical fantasy series! 🙂

So next year I hope to publish one Silvery Earth story a month and another story of another series or a translation, so that’s two titles a month. I want to start on a new series (although I’ll need an online workshop first) and publish the stories I’ve written so far, plus a few that are still in embryo state.

Might help me to start a Patreon account. I will study other writers and come up with something. Next year. Stay tuned!

Have a great week! 🙂

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  1. With all the writing you’ve done lately, you’re probably in need of a bit of slower paced writing time, anyway. Don’t worry about it. I’m sure you’ll make up for it. 😉

    I’ve not done much writing over the past week myself. Although, in my case it’s partially due to a combination of family interactions (mostly by phone, but still) and the requirement of wearing my publishing and marketing hats for a while. By the time I’ve dealt with those things, I’ve just been too tired to do anything other than curl up in bed listening to an audiobook.

    You’re visiting London in late January? Just London? Or do you plan to pop down for a visit? No worries if you only plan to go to London. But I thought I’d ask. 🙂


    • Yes, just London, not taking any days off DayJob. I leave Friday afternoon, do my stuff (Bollywood related in case you were wondering) on Saturday and head back Sunday afternoon. I don’t think I’ll want to head for the coast Sunday morning, since I’m flying British Airways but to and from Gatwick and in August we almost missed the flight because there were works on the trains… But I still hope to go for a few days and show it to my nephew, so don’t lose hope! 😉



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