Writer Wednesday

Mm, ‘kay, I guess it’s time to sum up the year somehow… I’ll put on the publisher’s hat this week and the writer’s hat next week, all right?

So. Sales. The best seller is still Body Switches, a consistent seller since 2014. Still haven’t reached 100 copies sold, though. Unless you add up the single body switches – mostly Johnny & Marian that sold 35 copies since 2012. A title from this year that did well is Fairy Tales Revisited.

As for retailers “performance” – definitely a growth on Kobo, where I used to sell mostly the Italian titles, but after participating in a couple of promos I managed to get to the English-speaking markets. Adjusting the prices for CA, AU and NZ probably helped. Sorry for delaying that.

Next year I will concentrate on completing the Quests books – #3 is done, #4 in the works, #5 still in dreamland – and probably the Assassins’ Guild. Star Minds Third Generation will also have a shot. And the vampires through the centuries, of course, I need to get to those vampire wars! 😉

And then I don’t know. I’ve been thinking of going hybrid, but then… there’s the hybrid learning curve (and I’m not even formerly traditional, so… argh!). But Joe Konrath will go hybrid too next year, for the print version of some of his books. Sooooo… we’ll see.

Just for fun: Bubba’s philosophy of fictional conflict! And for the new year, how to create art and make cool stuff in a time of trouble! 😉

Publisher’s new year resolutions? Publish less and let some short stories try traditional markets first. Possibly organize bundles, sales, or other great stuff to push the titles I think are worth pushing and ignore the ones I don’t really care for anymore.

Cuz the writer grew up this year and some of the old stuff… she can’t even look at it anymore! 😉 So, looking forward to Indie Publishing Phase 2!

Have a great week and happy holiday season! 🙂


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  1. The ability to self-publish is a godsend for me. Honestly, I doubt I’d be published without it. I’m not saying my stuff isn’t anything that a traditional publisher might want to publish. For all I know I’d have them fighting over who gets to publish my work. OK, probably not, but you get the point, I’m sure. Anyway, my point is that I like having the option to do things my own way; to write what I want, when I want to write it. If traditional publishing was the only option out there, I’d be jumping through their hoops to try and get published. Since I have an alternative, however, I’m sticking with it.

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    • Oh, and the reason I doubt I’d be published if traditional publishing was my only option, if you’re wondering, is because I don’t do well with jumping through hoops for others. I’d be trying, don’t get me wrong, but that little part of me that doesn’t like doing as it’s told would be fighting against it the whole way, and they’d kick me to the curb in favour of someone willing to do things their way, I’m sure.

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    • I know what you mean, it’s the reason why I went indie myself, but with all the discovery problems out there, I thought maybe one shorter work with a traditional publisher… but then I thought about a comment from Mighty Editor about manuscripts turning out completely different from what they were…
      Control freak won. I’ll turn that novella into a short novel and publish it some time next year! 😉



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