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So, the small&medium publishers fair is over, and I’m sorta kinda bummed. In my blissful ignorance I hadn’t realized there are Italian indie authors who earn a living in SFF. Sigh. Now I feel waaaay behind in my publishing history, but I’m also aware this is the beginning of phase 2, so…

As soon as my least favorite month of the year ends, I hope to be strong and determined enough to make plans for phase 2, because I freely admit that currently I don’t feel like I can tackle the next five years of indie publishing. Must be end of the year blues or this very bad year for the world or whatnot.

Anyhow, still pounding out wordcount, and then I’ll have to check how the year went, so I’ll have another bout of depression, LOL! By February I’ll have recovered and be ready to move on. I still have stories to publish that I wrote this year, but I plan to publish less next year anyway.

Upcoming temporary sale – Kobo only! December 40% Off Sale Dec 15 2016 – Dec 19 2016 on Kaylyn the Sister-in-Darkness! Here’s to finding a few more readers on Kobo and that the person(s) who found me on Apple back in October will go back for the i-bookstore for the Holidays! 😉

And if you need books to read for the Holidays or want to gift some ebooks to friends, StoryBundle still has three great bundles also for your writer friends:

NaNoWriMo Bundle (for writers)!
Leading Ladies Fantasy (for fantasy lovers looking for strong female characters – this ends really soon, so grab it today)!
Immerse or die (indie authors that grab the reader)!

And more bundle galore at BundleRabbit as well:Fabulous Familiars and here’s a list of all the other available bundles! Yes, even on your favorite retailer!

Oh, and let’s not forget planners for writers. I have used the Writing World planners for the past 2 years, but I wasn’t totally happy with the 2016 version. So I might try this version instead – or just do without in Phase 2! 😉

I’m hopeless with widgets… the sidebar allowed you to subscribe to the newsletter but didn’t go directly to MailChimp, therefore you won’t be able to claim the free story for subscribing… So for you who signed up through the previous form, please do so again here, or click on the image on the sidebar. Sorry about that.

Last but not least – indie authors Golden Book Awards. The first phase is free, and feel free to pay the fee if you get to the finals. Enter your books here and/or vote for the entries. I have added a couple of mine… but vote for whoever you want! 🙂

Now I better go finish the previous bundles and the paper book I’ve started… Reading year coming soon… Have a great week!

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  1. I was feeling really miserable about my year, but then I looked at my 2016 goals… Turns out I actually met all my goals. Who knew? I also did OK on sales. Not amazing, and my book sales won’t be paying the bills any time soon, but I had a trickle of sales all year, even on the months I didn’t have anything new out. So I don’t think I did too badly after all. In fact, considering how badly I suck at marketing, I think I had a really good year, since those people mostly found my books by accident from what I can tell.

    Of course, part of this is due to the fact there was apparently a market for stories involving degus. At least, if you go by how many more of those books I’ve sold compared to the others, anyway. Maybe I should write more of those? Might start actually making some money then. Haha!


    • I haven’t checked the sales and earnings for the year yet, but I’m sure the income isn’t much higher (if not lower) than past years. I already knew it was a ten years plan, not five like I hoped at the beginning, but I had some December depression at the thought that someone who started in 2012 (so 1 year after me) with less titles made it big faster than me.
      Now I shall go back to my usual humble self and keep writing… the editor sent back a manuscript that added to the praises of that other publisher I might work for and a good story for my next assignment raised my spirits again! 😉
      so Onward! And “Never give up, never surrender!” 🙂


  2. P.S. Hang in there. Even if you’re not as close to the dream of having your writing pay the bills as you’d like, at least you can say that you enjoy writing them, and there are people out there who enjoy reading them. 🙂


  3. I’m feeling a similar pain in the nonfiction realm these days. It doesn’t help to listen to all the podcasts interviewing successful people and not finding my own efforts doing any good while they’re all sounding like they’re just raking in the money, lol.


    • Tee-hee! Maybe we should just ignore the others – they”re probably exceprions, not the rule…


      • Maybe… but I want to be an exception, too, lol! Don’t you? Haha. We must just stick with our 5-year, 10-year, and daily plans no matter. I really can’t do anything else, anyway. I’ve tried giving it all up and living a “normal” life and I just can’t do it. So the alternative is to just continue carrying on. May 2017 bring you fruition!


        • I still have that “normal” life, I want to get rid of that darn part time day job that pays the bills…
          May we be the next J.K. Rowlings of Indie Publishing! 🙂
          Here’s to 2017 for all – best wishes!


  1. Reblogging: Writer Wednesday — creative barbwire (or the many lives of a creator) – Sharon E. Cathcart

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