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It’s not over yet and already I think that 2016 was one of the worst leap years of my life – for the world, more than myself. I have reached a sort of balance in spite of the changes around me, but for everybody else it’s been tough.

The downs started with celebrity deaths led by David Bowie and Alan Rickman back in January. Men and women who will be sorely missed. I could throw in an uncle of mine, while another is very close to departing, but I guess that I’ve reached an age where people I grew up with and always took for granted are leaving for a better place.

No wonder my hands (and waist) are covered by vitiligo like my grandfather when he came back from India! He was a prisoner in WW2 and he came back stressed and undernourished. I’m not undernourished (I actually have a high colesterol at this time, but guess what? That’s another consequence of stress) but I’m definitely under psychological stress.

Then we had the natural disasters – earthquakes in Italy and New Zealand – and the endless political discussions from Brexit to US presidential elections and now the upcoming referendum in Italy. I’m so sick of reading about politics on my Facebook newsfeed that I scroll so quickly that I may miss a good video, like the evolution of dance or this blind dancer and his angel.

The ups were the trip to India and Da Muses working so I have two movies to look forward to next year – Kaabil in January and John Wick 2 in February, so pretty close! And Mr Selfie even went live on Facebook and I caught it, by pure chance, but that’s one up for Facebook too! 😉

Speaking of movies, I watched Zinda with Sanjay Dutt and John Abraham. The director is the same of Kaabil, and I can tell he’s experimenting. In Zinda (ten years ago) it was  the visuals – almost black&white – in Kaabil it will be sounds, apparently, since the progatonist is blind. Both seem to be revenge stories of the average Joe turned action hero (but I haven’t seen Kaabil, so I’m just assuming that the premise is similar).

At the time John Abraham seemed to play mostly the bad guy, glad he managed to graduate to hero status since! 🙂 Sanjay Dutt – I’ve seen him in both roles (good/bad guy), a couple of times with Hrithik (Mission Kashmir and Agneepath), but it was the first action movie where he was the hero – negative, maybe, but still the hero. And no dance items, in case you were wondering.

So onward to the next DVD, the next month, the next year… have a great weekend!

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  1. Yes, it’s been a year of ups and downs, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, on a worldwide scale, more downs than ups. I’m with you on the being sick of hearing about politics thing too (not to mention the hate crimes it appears to have increased).

    Can we go to 2017 yet?


    • I didn’t mention the hate crimes because those hurt too much. There’s so much hatred going around that it has become hard to stay positive.
      I’d leap to 2018… 17 is a bad luck number in Italy! Can we skip next year too? 😉


  2. The like is for listing your trip to India as one of the ups 🙂


    • I forgot to add that I look forward to a friend’s collection of Egyptian stories and hope she will come over to my blog to talk about them when she’s ready! 😉

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