Writer Wednesday

While translating, I caught another minor mistake in Cinder Boy… will correct it this weekend on the single ebook, still not corrected the collections the fairy tales revisited are in. Sigh. I wish I could just leave them behind, but translating them is also good marketing, so… It’s just a question of correcting a file and upload it again to 5 or 6 places…

And then you wonder why I have “publisher” burn out, LOL! Anyhow, this week I shall upload the other two collections that are the last two titles I will publish in English this year. Next year is still quite foggy, although I do have a vague idea of what I want to write and have made a sort of priority list.

Write-wise, I’ve finished the novella for Tor, currently in beta, and added things to Quests 3, so that both are ready for Mighty Editor. I hope to start on Quests 4 today and write until I need to “take a break” for the Anthology workshop. I might actually have a first draft by December 4! 😉

Now I leave you to an ode to artistic freedom in this wondrous new world of publishing! Next year I might become hybrid instead of indie, but I’m still happy with the artistic freedom I have! 🙂 I do know the power of creative voice (in fact my critical voice is probably dead or at least fast asleep and I have no desire to wake it up) so even if I do like to reread my own stuff, I also trust the process of my creativity…

I might write for a certain niche market next year, because it’s a challenge and I want to see if I can do it, but you all know very well that I’m not a trend chaser (I actually hope to set a new trend, LOL!). A publisher in that niche told me she “was very pleased with your writing style and narrative! It’s refreshing honestly. We get a lot of novel/novella submissions and I reject nearly all of them due to poor narrative and storytelling skills. You’ve certainly got the chops and sound willing to pursue a novel with us aimed at our demographic – so I’d definitely encourage you to do so.”

So I might write for a market, but that’s not what I normally do. Writing to the market as per Dean’s definition:

In short, writing to market means thinking that writing something you have heard is selling well only because you want to make money.

In other words, you write into areas you don’t know, don’t even much like, or even like to write, just for the hope of a few more sales.

Horrid writer death that way. Horrid and slow and painful.

I’m not writing for that market because I want to make money. I have read some stuff in that market and it’s usually written by amateurs, hence I stopped reading in that genre. So I’m going to give that genre a try, since I do like that kind of stories, although I probably won’t stick to the tropes! 😉

I’m not saying anything else at this time, since I have no idea if 1) I’ll actually end up writing those stories and 2) I might use another pen name for that kind of stories. But I’m currently too tired to make such a decision. I have other projects to finish first – namely the Quests books, the Star Minds Third Generation stories and more vampires through the centuries – before I can concentrate on that.

So that’s all for now! Have a great week!

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  1. Ugh! I hate those little mistakes. They sneak in there and can be missed by the best editors and proof readers in the world. The most embarrassing one for me was the one that was spotted by a six year old after half a dozen adults had failed to spot it… I still get embarrassed when I think about that one.

    I totally understand the publisher burnout. I struggled with that one while catching up on making the backlist of my books available in paperback. That’s part of the reason why I’m not sure about making my books available in audio. With how the market is right now, it may be a smart move, but I think of how many books that means organizing and all I can manage to do is whimper a little before going to do something else… Anything else! There’s also the issue of arranging covers, which will have to be different again for the audio versions, of course (even though I’m using the same cover image across all formats, the cover templates/requirements are different, which means getting someone to help me do a new version of each cover). OK, now I’m thinking about it again… *whimpers and runs off to hide*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Audio books?? Wait for me!! *runs after Tori and hides with her*
      In a couple of weeks there’s the small and medium publishers book fair here in Rome… I’ll go to the panels about audio books… But won’t think about them until next year at least! Isn’t the text-to-speech kindke feature good enough?!
      As for the latest mistake, only l could catch it, since editor and readers haven’t seen the map… Sigh!


  2. For me, personally, I think the text to speach feature is good enough. I mean, it’s not like only Kindles do it… Kindles have text to speach, iPads (and iPhones, and most other Apple devices) automatically come with voice over, which works in the same way, and some other devices supposedly have something similar to text to speach sometimes now too (though I don’t know details when it comes to any others). So you’d think that would be good enough. But apparently it’s not.

    A part of me would like my books in audio format, but the other part of me is still recovering from making them available in paperback, and is currently curled up tightly in a dark corner whimpering.


    • I’m with you in that corner… we can pat each other’s back and whimper together until at least next year!



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