Writer Wednesday

And the Assassins’ Guild novella is wrapped at 30K! Tomorrow I shall take it to the offline beta for a check while taking back Quests Book 3… so this weekend – a creative weekend with two artist friends – I’ll be back to the quests, seeing if I need to add something to book 3 and maybe starting book 4. And painting the cover for book 3, while I’m at it! 😉

Then it’s definitely going to be book 4 until I start writing for the anthology workshop and sending manuscripts to Mighty Editor around mid-December. I hope to have a first draft by the beginning of next month of book 4 and to write book 5 during the Holidays, but if I fall behind, at least book 4 will be completed by the end of the year and I’ll write book 5 in February.

I’m already starting a priority list for writing in 2017. Those Star Minds Third Generation stories need a quick read over and possible revision, then I have to research for more vampires stories. And I’ll write another novella of the Assassins’ Guild, Saif’s story – yes, the same Saif of Saif and Kilig, the father of Hakeem. It will be his story before Kilig and before Hakeem.

I like the puzzle of the Silvery Earth stories that I’m creating, even though I’m not too happy with the older stories anymore, but I feel I’m evolving as a writer, especially thanks to the online craft workshops I started taking last year. I highly recommend them, and if you’re unsure of where to start from, here’s a post with the suggested learning order.

I’ve done #1 #4 and #7 while currently enjoying #6 immensely. I’m not at the last week yet, and here’s a spoiler of what’s ahead! 😉 And December is still quite empty, if you want to jump onboard. Although if you haven’t done any of the previous ones (especially Depth), you’d be quite lost…

I’m changing my way of writing, and not just because I dropped the longhand first draft. I also gave back to the owner (Dear Bro) what used to be the writing computer, the little Netbook that was literally falling to pieces, so I have to adjust to only Laptop (that can still be carried around and put on the tray and used on the bed, LOL!) and cycling and a few minor things that hopefully will soon be ingrained in my prose…

I might not reach my yearly goal of 500K, but I’ll still have the 400K I had last year. It’s fine. I’ve slowed down production, but at least I have more time to read and research and metabolize the stuff I’m learning from the online workshops.

I know it’s early to talk about the end of the year or new year’s resolutions, but it’s close enough to start thinking about it! Have a great week!


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  1. As I said in my review, you can see in the quests books how you’ve evolved as a writer since writing the early stuff. It’s a good thing… You should be able to see signs of a writer growing and evolving.

    Enjoy your creative weekend!

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