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Still writing that Assassins’ Guild novella, still trying to figure out if using only one point of view or multiple. Doing the Points of View Workshop currently isn’t helping, because I know it’s a third person story and I know who it’s about, but I’m not sure if it should have multiple POVs or just onw. So I’m writing one POV now and then I’ll see how long it becomes before “expanding” it with more characters’ POV.

I translated Colors and found a couple of mistakes (castle names switched) that escaped both myself and Mighty Editor. So I corrected the ebook single, but not yet the two collections it’s in, since I’m translating those back into Italian – so if I find more mistakes, I won’t have to re-upload 4 files (2 ebook and 2 POD)! šŸ˜‰

If you’re doing NaNoWriMo, here’s the article for you from an award-winner. I don’t really write every day, I’m more a binge writers, like the ones she mentions, but at the end of the week I have my wordcount down (when I’m not traveling, that is, LOL!). I’m not doing NaNo (I write all year round), but here’s my wordcount for the last couple of weeks (when I came back from my trip and started writing again after 3 loooong non-writerly weeks):

Mon.Oct.24 – no words

Tue.Oct.25 – 1096 w0rds

Wed.Oct.26 – 1422 words (and earthquake)

Thu.Oct.27 – 1802words

Fri.Oct.28 – 1273 words

Sat.Oct.29 – 1425 words

Sun.Oct.30 – 3653 words

Mon.Oct.31 – 857 words

Tue.Nov.1 – 3653 (holiday in Italy)

Wed. Nov.2 – 1282 words (and back to DayJob)

Thu. Nov.3 – no words

Fri. Nov. 4 – 1387 words

Sat. Nov.5 – 2750 words

Sun. Nov.6 – 1759 words

Grand total: 22539words, which is well over my goal of 10K a week, although I have to catch up the “dry spell” of the previous 3 weeks! šŸ˜‰ As for this week, well, Monday no words, Tuesday I used it to go through the novella I’ve written so far after watching the second week of the POV workshop…

I’m more than halfway through, but I need to check a few facts from old stories, so I used the “break” to check those facts and circle back to the beginning to adjust the point of view. I could have waited until the workshop is over, but since I had to stop writing new stuff, I thought I might as well check what I’ve already written while I was at it.

Today I’ll get back to new words and hopefully by Sunday I’ll have another 10K done and the novella finished! šŸ˜‰

And if you’ve been wondering about book bundles, here’s an excellent article on how it works. I’ve been only in one bundle so far, but I’m thinking of becoming a curator and do my own bundle with other authors, although it will probably be next year.

If you’d like to share a bundle with me, sign up with Bundle Rabbit and let’s find each other! šŸ™‚ In the meantime I might manage to get into Story Bundle as well… if I send them links to my books, that is! šŸ˜€

I could also bundle my own books like I do on DriveThruFiction, but bundling with other authors is a win-win situation for all… much like the shared promo of last weekend! I did sell 3 discounted copies of Rajveer the Vampire (2 on Amazon and 1 on Kobo), so I guess that worked! šŸ˜‰

Now both Rajveer and Kaylyn are back to 6,99$… until the next promo! šŸ˜‰ That’s all for today! Have a great week!

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  1. I don’t keep track of my word counts… I only worry about them when it comes time to publish, because the pricing system I use for my books is based on word count. I know my word count for this past week wouldn’t be very high though, because I haven’t been doing much actual writing in this past week… Most of my writing for this past week only counts if you include blog posts, social media posts, book reviews, and eMails.


    • I didn’t either when I did the first draft longhand, but since last year I’ve started keeping count.
      My point was that I’m a binge writer, hence I don’t need to write every day. But I’m in the habit of writing all-year-round, so that’s why I can do it. I’ve been writing for almost 40 years now and when I was young, I was a one-draft writer! šŸ˜‰
      When I started indie publishing, I started counting words published because, like you, I price according to wordcount… but I’ll never know the real number of words I wrote in the past 38 years because a lot of them are still handwritten on notebooks that I’ll never type! šŸ˜‰


  2. I couldn’t type up more of my oldest stories if I wanted to, since I no longer have any of my old notebooks… I destroyed them when I lost the last of my sight and could no longer read them. All I have is new stuff, and the small selection of pieces that had managed to make it on to the computer before I lost my sight, and didn’t get lost before I got smart enough to back up regularly.

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