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Catching up on blog posts, here’s Define Yourself. I define myself writer-publisher. And I feel just like Kris:

I think the first step toward figuring out how to run your writing business in 2016 is the first step most non-writing businesses take in the so-called real world.

Define your business.

Label your job in that business.

My business is publishing. My job is writer. Everything else pales in comparison to my job.

But I have had to learn, over the years, to balance that publishing impulse with the writing impulse.

Sometimes the publishing takes over, and that stresses me.

I did nearly no writing in October, because I finished a story almost a week before my vacation and then I traveled, so spent three full weeks without writing. I missed it. I still have problems starting a story (I had a “false beginning” on the latest, threw away all 1000 words and started from scratch), but once I’ve started, I get quickly to the end.

And I have a list of stories to write before December, when I’ll have to write for next year’s Anthology Workshop, so I better get my shit together and write, right? I fully understand the importance of fiction to entertain and distract from this ugly real world…

Now today is the day that Kaylyn the Sister-in-Darkness goes live! And you already have the paperback available, if you’d rather read on dead tree… Go grab it before I raise the price to 6.99$… after the discount weekend that will see Rajveer the Vampire at 99cents… in the English-speaking markets! I might lower the price on the Indian stores as well… Amazon and Kobo! Apple apparently still can’t sell in India, so no bother there…

Here’s the promo image for the upcoming sale (that includes Rajveer the Vampire):


Still catching up on what happened in the blogosphere in the past month – here’s a writer who thinks very much like me! I could have written this post, if not the book! 😉 And another on historical fiction, which might prompt me to write such a post on historical fantasy when I feel so inclined… alhtough any choice can be controversial when history is involved, but whatever!

Like I said on Dan Alatorre’s blog, I blog because I enjoy it. I don’t know how to post images into comments, so I’ll add here my stats. As you can see the best year for this blog was 2013, for some mysterious reason. For sales, it was actually 2014 when I translated my SFF back into Italian and made a few sales on Amazon.it.

stats2016I no longer worry about stats (although I had the happy surprise of seeing that someone “discovered” me on Apple this month and my Kobo sales are increasing after the promos) and just keep writing… and doing online workshops! The latest has just started and hopefully my writing will improve some more – which means I don’t really feel like pushing the older titles anymore! 😉

I guess it’s all about the creative drive: art/comics/whatever – in this case writing. And if you want to improve your graphic design skills, you might want to try Canva, like David Gaughran suggests. I might stick to my old Photoshop for now! 😉

If you’d like to participate in the next Ink Slinger’s anthology, it’s about this Old Man I’ve never heard of (I only know the Old Man of the Mountain who was head of the Assassins in the 12th century, haha)… I shall pass this year, since I don’t have time to explore the 20th century legends… and if he looks like in the photo, he doesn’t make a good-looking vampire, so I’ll spare him to be turned by one of mine! 😉

Oh, and if you want a bunch of books on writing and save you the expense of more expensive online or offline workshops, there’s another NaNoBundle at storybundle… go get it before it’s gone… I still have to go through some of the old ones… 😉 There’s also Chuck Wendig’s bundle if you want.

Onward and keep learning! Have a great week and happy reading! 😀

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  1. I like the fact that you don’t worry about stat anymore. What is most important is engagement. Are you audience really getting what they are after? The question I keep asking myself.



  2. Maybe that’s why Fantasy is my favourite genre? The escape thing, I mean…

    Liked by 1 person

    • definitely a good reason NOT to talk about the real world – unless one likes horror stories, that is! 😀


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