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A new title is out – both e-book and paperback, and interestingly the paperback is already linked to the e-book on Barnes&Noble but not on Amazon. Wonders never cease. Anyway, the awesome cover is by Sir Wendigo, who did also the cover of volume 1. And if the characters are clothed while they were naked on volume 1 it’s also because volume 2 is more chaste! 😉

Now, Tori, please don’t rush to buy it. Just wait for the next, Fairy Tales Revisited, okay? You’ll have the same stories and no doubles, since Male Lovers volume 2 overlaps with More Tales of the Southern Kingdoms and an Amazon story. I’ve ordered the proof of the POD and the e-book should come out at the same time at the beginning of October.

Since the series I’m more proud of is Vampires Through the Centuries, I even ordered postcards with the books that came out so far (well, two came out, two are still in pre-order, but you will be able to read them before the end of the year). So look at these neat postcards, don’t they look great? Hoping to give some to interested readers at next Worldcon…


By the way, here’s a sneak preview of what you will see expanded on this very blog for what I call the Hastings 1066 Fortnight, courtesy of fellow author L.J. Hick… stay tuned!

Now, writing-wise. I’ve rewritten the end of one of those Star Minds stories and given them all to a proofreader. And in the meantime, I’ve started on Quests Book 3 – sort of outlining only to make sure I don’t forget anything, but I’ll still be improvising much! 😉 And researching some stuff, since it’s not at the tip of my keyboard, haha!

I have changed writing process, I guess those workshops kinda worked, haha! If you’re thinking of taking some, here’s a workshop curriculum. I took Depth, Teams and Author Voice not really in that order, but well… Still mulling over them. And then I’ll take a couple more – either at the end of the year or beginning of 2017.

Now some writing dreams and harsh realities, advice from a professional writer. And 5 legal terms every author should know. That’s part of the writer’s education. And even if the Publisher’s Hat doesn’t really suit me, I better learn that stuff.

Now back to writing! Have a great week!

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  1. Haha! I actually laughed out loud at that part where you spacifically said for me not to go rushing to buy the book. Had to explain to Kelly why I was laughing, and now he’s laughing too. I guess you’ve gotten to know me well in the handful of years we’ve known each other, eh? 😉

    As it happens, I got the Smashwords release notification eMail, but wasn’t sure if it was one I needed, so decided to grab it at a later date, and work on catching up with the books of some of the other authors I follow in the meantime. OK, I admit part of this was because one of the other authors I follow on Smashwords had just released a story with puppies in it, but it turns out my getting distracted by cute puppy stories was a good thing after all.


    • Glad I made both of you laugh! 😉 I already told you to wait for Fairy Tales, but I thought I’d repeat it, since you’re one of my few readers and I don’t want you to buy the same stories over and over again! 😀
      Distractions and puppies are always welcome… thanks for following me! 😉


  2. I thought this had been the title you’d said that about, but wasn’t entirely sure until I read your post. My memory is usually really good, but this month has ended up really busy, and I’m exhausted, so there was a little part of me that doubted my own memory. Anyway, thanks for making sure. Also, you’re welcome. I enjoy your books… Even if there aren’t puppies in them. 😉

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    • I did put dragon cubs in Quests Book 2, though… do they count as puppies? And I have a lot of characters with puppy dispositions… 😉



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