Random Friday


And this is for Da Muse, who is probably at the Venice Film Festival for his latest movie, The Bad Batch! 😉 I really should update the damn card, but I’m lazy like that! 😀

Anyhow, about Da Muse K and everything he’s been doing… I read this article that I think makes good points. And it goes well with what I’m learning from Writing With Color. So, I’m trying to be less white-centric in my stories, but then, I did have PoC characters before – I just wasn’t very good at describing them, haha!

Now, that happiness is…? It applied again this week. And I thought it happened only in winter, sigh. Still wondering why I hate AC? I wouldn’t have been mute for two days if it weren’t for that darn thing! 😦

In the next few months I’ll probably do some movie Fridays… since after shopping in Southall I shopped on Amazon FR. But I was looking on the internet to see if they showed the Venice movies in Rome (they sometimes do that) and saw a French movie that interest me because I like both protagonists (they are both very funny in comedies) and made me look up my French wishlist again.

DVDfranceSo I headed for Amazon FR and finished filling that cart that I started back in July and sent the order. That movie isn’t out yet, but I got six others. Now I have more than a dozen movies to watch… but I have three months until the end of the year (I don’t count  October when I’ll be away for at least half month – and will probably come back with another DVD)! 🙂

because this pile is not high enough!

Last night I didn’t feel too good, certainly had no brains for writing, so I started with a comedy, picking the almost shortest movie of the pile (the shortest is actually a sequel and I’ll watch it along with the original during the weekend). It was a good laugh – mixing races and religions in France! 🙂

I was used to see Christian Clavier in Les Visiteurs… and now I see there’s a third Visiteurs movie coming out! That wishlist will never go down…

That’s enough rambling for today! Have a great weekend! I’ll be working on another POD and an ebook and… work work work – publishing is work, but writing is FUN! 😉



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  1. I know what you mean. Both my to-watch list and my to-read list are really long, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. Mind you, the to-watch list wouldn’t be quite as long if I spent more time working on watching the movies I want to watch. I end up reading more than watching movies though. I enjoy doing both, but reading has always been my favourite of the two.

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    • My favorite of the two was watching movies, hence I’ve watched more movies than I read books – I also started writing in English by writing screenplays, LOL!
      I’ll watch another DVD after lunch today to inspire myself to finishing the story… Although I should probably stick to comedies while I’m stuck in depressed mood! The laughter last night felt good, but today it’s gray again, sigh…


      • I did notice you seem to lean more towards watching movies. That’s OK though… Nothing wrong with that.

        I hope you were able to cheer yourself up afterwards, and that this week is looking less grey.


        • And today I didn’t write because I had to finish a darn book. Pity it was so riddled not only with typos but with mispelled or wrongly used words, missing words, extra words… a real pain! 😦 Took me the whole afternoon… I guess I’ll go back to writing tomorrow! 😉



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