Random Friday

Aaaand! You can tell my brain is fried from the heat because the previous post came out as Random Friday. Don’t worry, I edited it, so only on Facebook and Goodreads it’s still out as Random Friday because I can’t change what’s been shared on social media! 😉

Anyhow, this is the real Random Friday, since it is now Friday! 🙂 Let me mourn the old Goodreads homepage for a sec. I’m sick of social media changing stuff around that doesn’t need to be changed. I’m NOT downloading the GR app (which I assume is the reason why they changed stuff around AGAIN), and if becomes too bothersome, I’m going to just quit going there.

And then there’s the other new that Facebook is changing stuff around too! I’m sick of trying to keep up with social media for this author stuff. I hope my fans find me here anyway. If you “like” me on Facebook, please follow the instructions in the article, thank you…

I have another week before my week off, so we’ll see how many stories I managed by then. Two out of eight for now. Have a great weekend!

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  1. And people who subscribe to your posts via e-mail these days also got a “Random Friday” post on Wednesday… Just so you know. Completely confused me… I thought I had the days mixed up for a while, and had to double check what day it was.

    I’m with you on the social media thing. It’s driving me nuts! I’ve got the apps (because with screen readers some stuff is actually easier on the apps on an iPhone than on the computer, even without their new “improvements”). Even so, it’s annoying. I don’t see how their so-called improvements are meant to improve anything with the use of the app (though I’m pretty sure that’s their excuse for making them). But I do know that constant changes and upgrades to sites are driving me nuts! Not only is there the annoyance of needing to figure out how everything works again, but every time they change something, they run the risk of it not working with current speach software. I already need to update my screen reader (again) and wish they’d leave things alone so I can stop needing to do so. It’s ridiculously expensive! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, “If it aint broke, don’t fix it!”

    OK, rant over!

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    • right, I forgot subscribers! 😉 Just ignore the post titles from now on, haha!
      And I totally subscribe to the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” theory. I think the new Author (public) Facebook pages suck (and if my Muse’s page sucks, mine is even worse – the article says it’s easier on the eyes, and allow me to totally disagree, it’s not, so for that you’re lucky) and I’m going to delete all my Goodreads shelves again because now I have unwanted recommendations on my homepage! 😦
      Rant over too! 🙂


      • I never pay attention to the Goodreads recommendations. I read such a variety of books that they can never figure out what genre or age range to recommend books in anyway. I only pay attention to the recommendations that come from real people in groups I’m in.


        • I know, but it bothers me that it’s now in the homepage and since I’ve deleted most of my bookshelves, they make recommendations based on the genres I like… I even deleted my Goodreads Reading Challenge – and only check notifications from the groups now, since everything else looks ugly and hard on the eye. Much like Facebook public pages. Bah.


  2. Here, here! I’m with you!

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