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PathWaterEbookHi guys,

I’m Samantha and I come from another world – the original, old Silvery Earth, where people are immortal and never grow up. When I’m not switching bodies at will, I travel to other universes, especially books or movies. That’s how I met Rajveer the vampire, for example!

So, I’m taking over the interviews on this blog! And here I am, meeting people from other books/universes/whatever!

We’re still on the new Silvery Earth! That’s a batch of old and new characters in this novel…

Hello, handsome! Tell me a little about yourself.

I’m Hinrik, I’m twenty-five and I’m enrolled in the Salamar army. We marched off to protect Moriana from the Varian attack, but we failed.

Bummer. You do look like a defeated soldier… Describe your appearance in ten words or less.

Well-built warrior with chestnut brown hair and turquoise eyes.

Would you kill for those you love? And would you die for them?

I don’t know. My mother is dead and I don’t have anyone left. I fight out of duty and respect for my captain.

Mmm… you forgot to mention the melancholy of your eyes! Where do you live?

Salamar, capital of the Salamar Kingdom, on the shores of the great river Ondan.

Are you involved in a relationship? If so, with who and what it is about them that you find appealing?

It’s unrequited love and I don’t want to talk about it.

Man, I must say you’re handsome even when you brood! So what is the biggest challenge you face in the story?

Survive rape and finding self-respect. And my true calling.

Do you have a family? Tell me about them.

My mother was a washerwoman. I was her only child. She never married after breeding with a “demon” and was cast out by everyone. She said my father was a “magical being” who lived in the river, but I never believed her.

Please give me an interesting and unusual fact about yourself.

I have these turquoise eyes and water seems to have a healing power on me.

You’re forgetting to mention you’re very shy… Let’s see if the lady here is more talkative!

Hello there, tell me a little about yourself.

Bellinda, daughter of Joyrise, also known as Joris, and a Human. I’m half-blood and for some thirty-five years tried to fit in either with the Genn or the Human communities, sort of succeeding. As you can see, I have the body shape of a female Genn with small tits, but the round ears of Humans, and my hair is dark blond.

Where do you live?

I was born in Havenstock, capital of the Varian Kingdom, and spent a lot of time in the Genn villages of the forest of Appleyard. Our warmongering king made me want to leave, though, so now I’m exploring the northern kingdoms, starting with Salamar.

A-ha! So that’s how you bump into Hinrik? What’s your role in the story?

I’m a healer, and when Belfi brought bruised Hinrik to the camp, I had to do something! I mean, he wasn’t visibly wounded or dying, but he was upset and filled with pain…

Are you involved in a relationship? If so, with who and what is it about them that you find appealing?

I was. With Keneith. Because he’s tall and handsome and a powerful half-blood. I loved his black eyes and his smile. Then we moved together to Havenstock and things started falling apart. He’s still my best friend and traveling companion. We watch each other’s back.

Well, thank you, Hinrik and Bellinda, and good luck with your quest! May you find what you’re looking for, whatever it is…

Quests Book One – The Path of Water

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