Writer Wednesday

Aaand… the first quest is out! It’s not a real quest – like in a “Fantasy Quest” way – but it is a quest nevertheless. Might not fit all the parameters, but it’s still a quest. An inner quest, more like! 😉 Stay tuned for the evolution of the cover art, and enjoy this first book, The Path of Water. The book page even has a map of the wanderings of the characters! 😉

PathWaterEbookHere’s the blurb:

Hinrik survives the battle outside the walls of Moriana, battered and hurt. He drags himself to the River Ondan to put an end to his misery.

But it’s just the beginning of a new life of discoveries about himself and the world, a quest for his true calling in life. He is a half-blood and must learn what it means with the help of Bellinda the healer and Keneith the magic user.

The warrior, the healer and the magic user are all outsiders or outcasts looking for a place to call home in a hostile world, away from the aggressively expanding Varian and Blackmore Kingdoms.

A story of the northern kingdoms of Silvery Earth with magic and pain, loss and rebirth.

The newsletter #3 has been sent. Next one in a couple of months – and I will send it only to the people who actually open it. This time the bonus was a free unpublished short story.

I’m done with more tales of the southern kingdoms, that will include also the story of a black princess from the newly born Black Empire (you might have heard of it if you read Books of the Immortals – Fire that is set two centuries later). If there’s any PoC out there who would like to give it a beta-read, drop me a line.

Writerly links! Let’s Get Digital is free! I still have to read it, but it must be a good guide for beginners. Whenever I make it to reading it, I’ll let you know…

And for those of you who still think about a traditional publisher, please read this post about the Midlist Rules!

And how to find happiness as a writer! Hints, write what you love and have fun… 😉

Now I better go back to writing… Norman Blood at last! Back to the vampires through the centuries for the rest of the month!

Have a great week!

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