Random Friday

Sooo, since my brain is already going mushy from the first summer heat (what happened to spring, huh? Damn!), I’m going to improvise. First, I’m reposting here an announcement I made on my private Facebook profile…

Dear Friends, since FB changed its agloritms again, from now on my blog posts will go directly to my author page. I may or may not share them here, but if you’d like to keep following my blog, you can either subscribe by email on the blog itself (in the sidebar by email or hitting the “follow” button if you’re a WP user) or “like” the author page and follow it from there. Thank you for liking and sharing the author page!

You might notice I took out the Networked Blogs widget from the sidebar as well. And yes, some of my “friends” don’t “like” my author page. Tsk.

Just kidding! 🙂 Told ya I’m not in my best form! 😀 So I will turn the keyboard to you. You can

a) ask me questions in the comments, I will happily answer almost anything (except politics and religion)! 😉

b) drag your mouse or finger on these old polls, since there are new people coming to this blog, I thought I’d post them again.

Yes, that’s me asking you a question or two. Be nice and answer (usual suspects need not apply).

and slightly revised (but the old votes are still there – it was first set up in 2011…)

Random fact: Friday 17 is bad luck in Italy as much as Friday 13 is for the US! 😉 Thanks and have a great weekend!

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