Random Friday

And let’s make it Art Friday! I did only half of the sheet Sunday afternoon, but here you go, Da Muse’s Greek nose (ain’t he a Greek God, after all? 😉 )


Didn’t really finish the attempts at making a POD version of S.K.Y.B.A.N.D. and a new artbook for Createspace (who already has issues with the temporary file I uploaded, unfinished, haha!), but had to decompress after the intense creative weekend, so I did this in two hours.

And then here’s the main characters in Quests Book 1 and 2 (overlapping): Bellinda, Keneith, Hinrik and non-Human Raykim flying over them. Editor is doing a final pass and I’ll publish them in July. Since I’m not using this illustration for any cover (at least not as is), I thought I’d give a preview here.

QuestsIllustration4_resizeThis weekend I hope to do the other half of the first sheet, plus some edits, plus some writing, since I’ve been NOT writing most of this week – in between projects and brainstorming which tale of the Southern Kingdoms I want to write first and re-reading the already written, including Books of the Immortals – Air (had to rewrite the end of Quests Book 2 to match it).

Have a great weekend!

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