Writer Wednesday

And welcome back to the regular scheduling. So the current WiP has a title, hopefully the last and final, Quests. I even made some cover attempts, but I might tinker with them a little more. What was supposed to be a short story is now well over 30K in and I’m not done yet. So I guess it will be a short novel. Sigh.

I will still include it in the Tales of the Northern Kingdoms, though. Because the characters are on the cover of that book and I can’t ask (and pay) for another cover – teaches me to order covers before the story is written, haha! So you’ll see them in two versions, by me on e-book and by Silvano Beltramo on e-book and paperback! 🙂

As soon as I finish the above (hopefully by the weekend, but it’s a crazy week), I will start working on a story involving the battle of Hastings and some of my vampires for Wyrd Worlds III or whatever it will be called. I will write the whole  second life of one of Bran’s fledglings who didn’t really make it through many centuries (turned 1066, killed 1200)! 😉

The Painter gathered its first rejection. Onward to the the next submission. I’ll keep it on submission throughout the summer, just in case. And then will publish it in the collection of all the Amazons stories sometime towards the end of the year.

Now, some writerly links! Defy Reality, Become An Artist (and ignore the F-word)! Can’t vs Don’t – yes, you can, unless you don’t want to. Write it and then let it go, like pulp writers did. You might have guessed that I’m trying to be a pulp writer myself, although I haven’t reached that pulp speed yet – but I’m working on it! 😉

To destroy writing myths, I present you Chuck Wendig (single post) and Dean Wesley Smith (lots of links, for trad and indie)! Get rid of your preconceptions about writing! Be free! Be yourself! Be happy! Like Chuck says:

Write if you wanna write. You don’t even need to marry being a writer with being published. If you want to write, write independently of your desire to be published. That secondary part can come later. Write to write, don’t write to be published. It matters little what age you are. Age lends weight and experience to the work. You’ll be fine.

And them for your enjoyment only, Terry Pratchet’s 50 best quotes! 🙂 Have a great week! 😀


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