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Hello visitor! This post will be sticky for the duration of the blog hop!

Since I assume you’re new to this blog, let me tell you a little about myself. I’m a writer, sometimes an artist, and of course a goddess on earth, since being a world-creator that’s what I am, haha! I have two series – a fantasy series of standalone books sent on Silvery Earth and a science fantasy series with some kind of reading order called Star Minds. Both are QUILTBAG friendly.

There is more, but not specific to this blog hop – unless you count the body switches that have some gay characters. When I’m not writing in those two worlds above, I like to dabble in m/m (not necessarily romance, though).

I like to talk about characters who are outsiders or outcasts and either try to fit in or just stay out of whatever society they live in. I’m an ACE, so one lucky commenter will have an e-copy of my book Yash&Ryo Lost in the Milky Way, which is the first story with an official ACE character (although on Silvery Earth they don’t have all those labels, besides same-sex love, therefore none of those characters would never ever call him/herself asexual).

Yash is asexual and traumatized, Ryo is gay and smitten.
Yash runs away from his home planet, a matriarchal world where men have few rights, to escape abuse.
A short-lived rush through the Milky Way with Ryo of Xi-kong, a mob-boss son who is not very loved on his patriarchal planet.
Getting away from the Star Nations might be the only way out – or certain death at an early age…
Part one is included in Star Minds Interregnum.
This is the story the Star Nations never get to know.

It’s practically a standalone. So leave a comment with your email and I’ll send the winner a coupon code for a free download from Smashwords at the end of the blog hop!

Now head back to the main blog and continue the hop. Happy hopping!



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  1. Trix

     /  17/05/2016

    Both series sound really intriguing!



  2. Thank you for joining the blog!
    Chris (from the Blog Hop Team)


  3. Cornelia

     /  18/05/2016

    Thanks for the hop.


  4. They both sound great! I’m adding them to my wishlist.
    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com


  5. It’s so great to find another book with an ACE main character! I actually wrote about this on my blog for the hop, so I’m super excited about this. Definitely count me in, and thanks so much for sharing and for writing this book.



    • I loved your post and commented on it! 🙂 I will write more ACE characters in the future, I promise!


  6. Have to echo Chris, our Hop Tech Wizard…Thank you for taking part in the hop. Hope you’ll join us again next year.
    Cherie Noel, Hop Admin


  7. sounds like an interesting series. Thank you for taking part in the hop, and for the giveaway, of course!


  8. bn100

     /  22/05/2016

    sounds interesting

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com


  9. sherry1969

     /  23/05/2016

    Thanks for being part of the hop.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com



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