Writer Wednesday

So, wordcount was back up in April so I have 171K words in the first quarter, which multiplied by 3 means I’ll reach my yearly goal of writing 500K – if I keep this pacing, that is! 😉 I have sort of organized the writing for the next three months, so I’m all set for another productive quarter.

charioteer-of-buddha_resizeThe newsletter went out, so I hope you all got it. And of course Charioteer of Buddha is now live everywhere. I will soon make it available on Bundle Rabbit in case any curator wants to add it to his or her bundle.

Are you an indie author? Have you already joined? If not, why not? So, you’re a voracious reader? Then why haven’t you joined yet? Here’s the three bundles currently available!

The already announced Science Fiction May Day with yours truly that you can see also in the sidebar of this blog (until it’s live, that is).

The Chills, Thrills and Spills Bundle, up to 61$ worth of paranormal, horror and unsettling fiction.

And last but not least the Zombies and Monsters and Gods Bundle, up to 44$ worth of urban fantasy books! 🙂

If you’re interested in any of those, grab them now, the offers will expire in a couple of weeks (so if you’re reading this from the archives, the links might be dead).

A couple of links: Blaming the Reader – don’t. Just don’t. I might not sell much for the bad blurbs, but I don’t have the time or patience to go change the blurbs of 100+ books. I know I should, it’s like tending the garden, but I’m still not finished with the publisher’s page, so I will think about it when that one is complete.

I’m happy with creating nice new blurbs, like the one for the latest WiP, originally known with a very long title, mentioned on this blog as Kingmakers and now called Wanderers. But it’s a little early to tell you about it! 😉 If you need help in writing blurbs, check How to Write Fiction Sales Copy!

Now I better go back to writing and send off the assignment for the online workshop. By the way, there’s one – FREE – going on at Dean Wesley Smith’s blog, just look for the videos of Originality Workshop! Happy writing!

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