Sunday Surprise

I’m currently translating into Italian some of the character interviews or articles I’ve written on Star Minds when I published the English version and sending them to an Italian blogger as well as publishing them on my Italian blog. I’ve also published Yash & Ryo in Italian and it’s selling a lot more than its English counterpart, in spite of my total lack of marketing.

Why am I mentioning this? Author voice part 2 or 3 or whatnot. I sent a printed copy of Yash & Ryo to my Italian beta-reader (the Angela I dedicated Technological Angel to), and she said that my voice has changed. The story I sent her is the translation of a work originally written in English, and that may account for the change of style and voice she perceived.

In case you missed it, here’s the characters interview. What I wanted to explore in this story was male rape without putting it on the page like I did for Smeraldo and Kyrio. I also want to write more ACE-friendly stories from now on and not only because I hope to be picked up by Goodreads Ace Book Club. So you won’t get many more Adults Only buttons on the publisher’s site! 😉

I know I wanted to talk more about all this, but I’m tired, and ideas keep running away from me to leave room for more of Kaylyn‘s plotting. I’m not done yet, I hope to finish Chapter 11 tonight. Four more to go. If I manage one a day, I should be done by Friday, since Wednesday is Dear Nephew Day. So next weekend (longer than usual, since April 25 is national holiday in Italy) I hope to go through it and polish that first and probably only draft!

Have a great Sunday! 🙂

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