Writer Wednesday

I would like to thank the guys at Draft2Digital (especially Aubrey) who helped me deal with Apple for two titles in the past week. They’re an awesome distributor and without them I’d definitely stop sending my books to Apple. I’m sick of their rejections. And don’t even think of buying me i-Things because I’ll resell them, I don’t want any Mac-stuff in the house! 😦

choicesetc_resizeI have published a new title, but some distributors are still lagging behind. It went smoothly on Amazon, took a little longer on Apple (with the above mentioned help) and Kobo is still stuck in nowhere land. So I contacted Kobo support. In the meantime here are the available retailers on the publisher’s page.

I should have uploaded it as new title. Meh. Anyhow, if you want to read that story that was a sore project block from September to January, go grab it now. It’s the only new title in that collection, but I think it’s nice – if you like contemporary stories, that is. If you’re only for SFF, skip this title! 🙂

This week I hope to upload the preorder for Charioteer of Buddha, since I now have the wonderful cover by Shafali Anand. I will put a placeholder manuscript, since the editor still has it, but will get back to me before the end of the month.

And by the way, the mighty cover artist is also a writer, can you believe it? She won a Honorable Mention at Writers of the Future like me (in a different quarter)! Read her story at My Story Doctor! And then join me in screaming “We want to read those stories, publish them! Poor babies are sick to be stuck in that drawer!”

By the end of April I hope to publish The Archers on the other sites after its KDP Select term ends (April 20), then the collection of contemporary stories, that will also have a POD version. I’m currently doing the Author Voice workshop, and so far no writing to be done, so I’m good! 🙂

Speaking of Author Voice – the first assignment says I have a solid author voice. Which reminded me of a conversation with a friend in the 1990s when she told me “Can you write a story where you’re not in it?” Since I used to put myself as a character in my stories back then, I objected that I wasn’t in the m/m stories I was writing at the time (since there were no female characters in them), but she insisted I was in them.

I guess I didn’t understand what she was telling me then, but obviously I already had an author voice. It changed through the years, but that’s another blog post. A couple of links, one to make you smile and the other is actually a series. Kris Rusch is talking contracts again – don’t miss any of those posts, even if you’re indie published. Because as you can see from the funny post, writing is a business, therefore it has contracts.

Go read all of them. The first is really short. Now I better go back to Kaylyn and finish it by the weekend! 😉

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