Writer Wednesday

Update on the experiment! March wordcount was really low (less than 27K), so I thought the challenge of writing a 52K novel in 8 days would boost that for the month of april.

Except I picked the wrong novel! 😉 I should have done it with a Silvery Earth novel, or just said “I will write 42K in 7 days, no matter how many stories that makes”. Anyway, I had planned to start on Kaylyn in April, so I started with Kaylyn.

Day 1 I wrote 3007 words. Barely on targed. Day 2 I wrote 4666words. Slightly more than necessary. Except Day 3 I wrote only 3997 words instead of 5000. And Day 4 I lost 2 hours with the online workshop video-watching, so I wrote only 575words of mostly adjusting scenes or rewriting the last.

At that point I sort of gave up on the challenge, since halfway through I wasn’t even close to where I’m supposed to be. Why is Kaylyn so delayed? Because it’s historical fantasy. Which means I need to stop and check facts every scene or so. I haven’t outlined except with a vague idea of where she’s supposed to be at any given time.

And then when I got to that point, I found that either I had no info on that place (Kingdom of Aragon), or it wasn’t interesting enough at that time (Alexandria of Egypt), so in spite of having studied the 12th century for my (fully) historical novel, since she’s not really walking in my other characters’ footpath, it’s not really helping.

And soon I’ll get to the 13th century, that I had barely started studying years ago. Add to that the start of Author Voice (although for the first assignment I simply sent an extract of the current WiP, so no real sweating on that one except for the time it took to go through the videos that included the excellent lecture The Stages of a Fiction Writer: How to Know Where You Are In Learning and How To Move Upward) and I just gave up the thought of keeping up with my teacher! 😉

What’s coming up in April – will tell next week, along with the writerly links I didn’t have time to check this week. Just wanted to let you know that I’m Author of the Month again, sharing that space with the wondrous Ubiquitous Bubba, the surviving lost twin of Douglas Adams with the same sense of humor even though he’s American (which is why he’s the lost twin of the late British author, LOL!).

Feel free to drop by and ask us questions or follow the discussion. Have a great week! 🙂

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