Writer Wednesday

After dealing with Mr Procrastination for two whole weeks, I finally managed to get back to writing on Easter weekend. My weekly wordcount (10K) was covered in two days. Now I have the rest of the week to write 20K more and catch up on the lost time, haha! 🙂

And from the guy who invented the “WIBBOW test”, here’s a helpful metaphor for writers. My weak leg of the table is #4 – marketing and the business side of writing. I guess, like Leah Cutter suggests, I should buy a hat. Or a wig. Wait, I already have wigs. When should I wear the wig – as the author or as the publisher? Decisions…

Openings_resizeAnyhow, I did manage to upload the new short stories that sprang from last year’s Depth Workshop… As is now usual for the new titles (but I still haven’t done it for the previous ones), the Amazon link redirects you to your Amazon store.

And next week I start another online workshop, so maybe more contemporary stories will come out eventually. I’m not sure I want to keep writing those, but if some nice prompt… prompts me, I’ll write them! 😉

In a couple of weeks you’ll get the other novella, “Changes”, the one that was stuck in project block for months, along with the other stories by the discarded pen name. So look out for “Choices, Changes and Other Stories” if contemporary fiction is your thing.

In the meantime I’m finishing those Silvery Earth stories before refining the last scene in Chandaka’s story as per suggestion of Mighty Beta Jo and then onward with Kaylyn’s book.

No more writerly links – but the ones above are well worth the detour! 🙂 Have a great week!

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