Random Friday

So I went back to Iceland with Techie Bro, in winter for a change (I saw it in July 2005 for the first time and fell in love with it. I went back July 2007 with Mom and Sis). We didn’t see the northern lights, but I guess he also fell in love with the place. When we get sick of our DayJobs, we’ll move there – although I’d have to live off my royalties by then, haha!

I had an idea for Cinder Boy for the only things of Iceland I couldn’t care less – the hot springs. I didn’t bathe in the Blue Lagoon (didn’t in 2005, didn’t this year), but I thought there could be such a hot spring in my story where the Cinder Boy gets rid of all the ashes he gathered by cleaning the hearth! 😉

I guess I’ll leave you with a best of – the sights of the land of ice and fire and ash… Out of 712 pics (half of which were blurry anyway, since I clicked them from the bus, LOL), here you go! The Batman Glacier and the other Game of Thrones “natural” sets – I’ll leave them to you. I’ve seen Batman Begins, but I haven’t watched Game of Thrones (still have the paper book on the table to read)! 😉

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