Writer Wednesday

So, back from a short trip, will get back to writing as soon as I catch up! 😉 I’m almost done – I’ve contacted the artists for the April covers that I need, I’m doing the necessary blog posts, I got the docs back from the editor, and I even got an idea while abroad.

Thus, here’s the priority list for the coming week! 🙂 Edit the contemporary titles I will upload this weekend – stay tuned for them. Write Cinder Boy by Easter – this is another fairy tale slashed, and I had put it aside because I didn’t know how to write it, but then I had an idea in Iceland, so now I’m going to write it.

Next week I’ll write another Silvery Earth story to complete the Tales of the Northern Kingdoms that will come out in May and edit Chandaka and Daya so it can be send to the editor for a May 2nd release. Which means that I’ll write Kaylyn in April like I had decided before running out of ideas for Silvery Earth, LOL!

I also have an online workshop starting in April, so I hope it won’t conflict too much with the novel writing. After all the edits on the contemporary stories, I sure hope I don’t have to write many more for now! 😉 I am considering writing more body switches, since that’s my steady seller (one copy a month but better than nothing) on Amazon, but I have other priorities first.

No writerly links, but you can go to the usual suspects! 😉 I’m kinda tired of writers who only want traditional and also the discussions about self-indie-trad publishing – do what’s best for you. I’m happy with my indie adventure, even though the results aren’t coming as fast as I’d want them, but I’m still here, still writing and publishing five years later, that’s not something that can be said of everyone, so…

Happy writing!

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