Random Friday

Since Booklinker is sending me “This is just an email to remind you that you set up a universal link for at least one Amazon book last week – and do not appear to be putting it to use. You could be missing out on sales as a result!” (I am, I obviously don’t have the traffic Joe Konrath gets, LOL!), I’ll just paste them all here.

Please click away, it’s not a “buy” button, and you can tell me if indeed it takes you to your country’s Amazon store! 😉

My Author Central Booklink: http://author.to/BarbaraGTarn

(which for me leads to a generic search page since there’s no Author Central on Amazon Italia, haha)

The books:

Beautiful http://mybook.to/BeautifulSleeper

Colors http://mybook.to/Colors

Prince Splendor http://mybook.to/Splendor

How to Publish… http://mybook.to/HowTo

Rajveer the Vampire http://mybook.to/Rajveer

The Archers http://mybook.to/Archers (still KDP Select for another month)

Two Tales… http://mybook.to/Twins

That’s what I have so far. Will do the rest the Easter weekend, like I said in the previous post.

And since it’s a totally random Friday…


Back to writing! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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  1. It worked for me 🙂 I went to the .com version automatically. I use SmartURL to do the same thing when I put links on my website so I can see how many clicks I’m getting to each one. It also helps to see *where* it’s getting the clicks, so I differentiate between the one in my sidebar and the one in the body of a post, for example, or give it a unique tag when I post it in a FB or Twitter post.


    • Thank you, Madison! 🙂
      I’m using these mostly on the publisher’s site that still has almost no traffic, since I moved all the books links there…
      Next step would be to get that affiliate link from retailers, right?


      • Unfortunately, where I live I’m not allowed to use the affiliate links. Our state doesn’t allow it for some reason. So I have to miss out on that little perk.


        • I haven’t figured out how that works anyway… especially for someone outside the US! 😉



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