Writer Wednesday

And there’s a new title out! Prince Splendor is available as ebook for now, and the character has his own thread on Goodreads, in case you wanted to ask him questions! 😉 Just for curiosity, here’s the evolution of Splendor and Billinda, from the graphic novel to the novel cover! 🙂

The first bi-monthly newsletter has gone out to subscribers. If you’d like to get the next, please join the mailing list. It’s bi-monthly and always has either a free story or a coupon for discounted or free downloads. I won’t be joining any site-wide promotions (for example Smashwords) anymore, so that’s the only way to get discounts, unless I run a special promotion! 😉

The contemporary stories are with the editor, expect the first batch (of new ones) out sometime at the end of the month. In April I’ll have the whole collection available also in paper. Now I’m writing a few more Silvery Earth stories while I prepare for a short trip to Iceland.

Probably when I come back I’ll start on Kaylyn – hoping the beta-readers let me know what they think of the novella (that will come out May 2nd) by Easter! 😉 I already jotted down a few things she should do and a new vampire came to mind, but I need to research before I write her… so for now I just made a strip to remind myself of that idea! 😀

I’m slowly adding the Booklinker link to Amazon on all books on the Publisher’s Page (starting with the new ones, I’ll try to complete them all by Easter weekend). Thanks to Joe Konrath for the heads up!

There’s a very cool, and free, service called Booklinker.net. You put in an Amazon link, and you can create your own URL.

No more adding the links to Amazon UK, Amazon.com etc, just go grab the shortlink at Booklinker. At least for the English titles, that’s what I’m doing (I’ll leave the Italian ones going directly to Amazon.IT, Italians living abroad will forgive me, I hope! 😉 )

And the unmissable book on Heinlein’s Rules is out! Go get it now if you haven’t already (and I didn’t write it, so it’s not self-promotion)! And writer beware of anyone who asks money – the money flows toward the writer, not away from the writer! Chuck Wendig fisks a new kind of vanity press, masquerading as something else.

Have a great week!

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