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So, February was productive, since I finished a 50K novel – based on a graphic novel published at the time of the photocopied fanzines (read: late 1990s). Longtime friend Nik might remember Kolia and Joris… I have revised their story and made it a novel in the new Silvery Earth (the original had elves and other very usual fantasy beings, now Joris is a Genn, but since it’s earlier in the history of Silvery Earth, there are still a few unicorns and centaurs and dwarves and giants and probably faeries besides the Magical Races).

ColorsDTFLovers should come out next month, after Prince Splendor (another graphic novel rewritten, they were actually sorta kinda related and they still are). For now please check Colors, the Snow White revisited that still has the seven dwarves in the new Silvery Earth.

The cover is where I drew my first bird, the swallow on Nerian’s window, talking to him (although in the opening scene it’s a family of swallows… might be earlier! 😉 I’m bad at drawing animals, have mercy!)… The previous attempt is also on DeviantART. Wait for this character’s interview sometimes next week.

I spent last weekend working on the covers of Lovers and Prince Splendor, since I didn’t want to use the old drawings from the graphic novels. Although I did end up doing a mash up of old drawings for Prince Splendor, but well… after 2 or 3 attempts at coming up with a new cover, I just gave up and looked at the old stuff! 😉

Linky links… just food for thought in the Day-Job Thinking post by Dean Wesley Smith. And if you want to see Joe Konrath fisking Lee Child

Going back to writing. And reading. Have a great week!


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