Writer Wednesday

Another half month gone, yikes! Trying to finish that Silvery Earth novel so I can go back to my vampires through centuries. I’m now using every other morning to read the magazines I bought last year or earlier for research purposes, so when I get down to writing the actual stories, I’ll know what I’m supposed to look for.

Keeping an eye on that KDP Select title… hopefully I’ll make a Kindle Countdown soon. Got my January report for KENP read… peanuts. Not really worth it, but I had to try with at least one title! 🙂

When I put the Amazon links, I usually go to the KDP dashboard to get them – and take out everything after the ASIN (mostly because I hate long URLs). Turns out I’m doing something right. If you don’t do like I do, start doing it, and here’s why.

Or you can do what Joe Konrath does. I should probably do my bibliography too at some point. For now you can see the reading order on the publisher’s page for Silvery Earth and Star Minds. I’ll add more when I have more. There’s no real reading order for the Body Switches (and I do plan on writing a couple more)! 😉

I was also a guest on a couple of blogs last week – my productivity tips are almost lifted off the How to book, and then there was an interview at Book Goodies. Check them both if you haven’t already.

More writerly links: About Time and Sales, Balancing the Parts of Modern Publishing and Money Talks. Lots of food for thought on all of them. And then there’s the different kinds of English – I use American spelling, but the rest is… European, since I’m not a native, LOL! But then, I write mostly SFF, so does it really matter?

Now I better go booking my next online workshop. Have a great week!

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  1. Thanks for including my post on different varieties of English, Barb!


    • if it confuses you native speakers, you can imagine what it’s like for an ESL writer… thanks for writing that post! 🙂



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