Random Friday

Considering that I keep talking about Muse H, you might think I have forgotten Muse K… not! Especially since he is now in Rome, shooting John Wick 2! 😀 No, you won’t see me stalking him around town (I don’t normally go to movie sets – once I went to Piazza di Spagna with a friend when they were shooting Ocean’s 12 because she’s a fan of Vincent Cassel and she hoped to get a glimpse of him) since

a) I still have a morning day job

b) I don’t live in the center and I don’t like going to the center

c) it’s January, it might not snow, but it’s cold to stay out waiting for someone to show up! 😀

So I’m just thinking about him every now and then, rewatching DVDs (47 Ronin, thanks Jen!) and basically preparing to give up this fifteen-year-old obsession… with special thanks to the ever-present Mr Selfie! 😉

11 selfie

See, I even updated the chibis! 😉 Actually there was another balloon on my head, but I’ll spare him that. I’m using that vignette on DeviantART too, so it’s not really secret. What’s “secret” is the original balloon for that drawing! 😉

So now you can also see how my chibis are improving! 😉 Now I better go back to coloring Samantha the Witch and the Desi Vampire or you’ll never see that one either… although that was done before I bought the book on manga proportions! 😉

Thought I’d gift you with a sneak preview of the arrival of Rajveer on Silvery Earth… chibi-style (of course you can also see the novel’s cover with the amazing art by Shafali – but that’s because I need to put a summary of the novel next to that!)!


Have a great weekend – I’ll be with my cover artist, drawing for 24 hours at least… so hopefully I’ll catch up! 😀 (and no, we won’t be chasing Muse K and his Italian co-star who is Cristina’s favorite, don’t worry – we’ve got work to do!!!)

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