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Redrafting of Colors done and out to betas. I’m not completely happy with the cover I did back in December, so I might do a new one for publication. I also plan on having someone else’s version of the male Snow White on the cover of the collection (POD and ebook) of the fairy tales revisited (not all are slashed), but I don’t know when that will come out. I still need to start writing Cinder Boy and I won’t make it until maybe March.

January wordcount is probably around 40K, so my 10K a week is more or less covered. I also did approximately the same amount of translations back into Italian in the mornings. Translations might slow down next month since I’m changing shifts at DayJob, but that shouldn’t bother you, the English reader! 😉

This month’s only English title is The Archers. As I mentioned last week, I’m experimenting with KDP Select. So it will be on Amazon only until mid-April. The volumes of the Tales of the Northern Kingdoms won’t be completed until May or June, so I decided to try with that novella the wondrous world of Kindle Unlimited. I shall ponder when to use the Kindle Countdown thingy, but I still have to study that one.

You can tell I’m not really worried by the “new” Kindle requirements (actually the spellchecker found a typo on The Archers that had avoided both me and Mighty Editor, so I happily corrected it before it went live).  Might be because I’ve read much worse stuff on Kindle, even from publishers, or because I don’t have reviews – it’s okay, if you spread the word without leaving a review or buy another title without leaving a review, I’m thanking you anyway – but I don’t think it will change much for me.

In February I shall publish more of those tales of the northern kingdoms, starting with Colors and the other fairy tale revisited. Write-wise, I shall go back to the contemporary titles and my vampires historicals before I start writing book 2, Kaylyn, in March. I’ll go back to Silvery Earth in April. And when I’m done with those tales, I’ll go back to Star Minds Interregnum (May or June). Stay tuned…

I’m also still working on the publisher’s page and the single books pages there. I’m thinking of adding a button or two on selected titles. I’m still toying with cooltext since I don’t have Word Art (but I might do something on my cover artist’s PC soon), but I don’t like the results so far.

Anyhow, you already know I’m QUILTBAG friendly, but I also wanted to add a button for ACE-friendly stories. I have found a brand new ACE book club on Goodreads, and it would be good if they could see which of my books are for them – or any other ACE reader in the world! 😉

I might have some writerly links… on how to stay positive when friends quit writing, on 25 more hard truths about writing and publishing… and the usual suspects, of course. Waiting to be guest on more blogs and hoping to have new guests soon…

Have a great week!

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