Writer Wednesday

So last week I finished expanding the former graphic novel that is also a fairy tale revised (without the m/m factor). Currently adding words to Colors (Snow White slashed), a.k.a. the new ending (two more chapters, much like I did with Beautiful that went from short story to novel, LOL!). It will probably still be a novella or a very short novel, but whatever… I always end up rewriting the ends these days! 😉

Which is totally fine, by the way. Then I need to write the prose version of another old graphic novel before the end of the month, so in February I can move to something else – namely my vampires historicals and contemporary stories.

And I will format and upload a new title this weekend, so stay tuned for more Tales of the Northern Kingdoms. The editor wanted to surcharge me for breaking her heart with this one, so I hope other people will enjoy this old story revised! 🙂

This weekend I’ll also be working on more POD, but it will be the Italian editions that I plan on moving from Lulu to Createspace. Not that I sell many, but at least with Createspace they’re available on Amazon and I can do the Match Book thing.

Next month I will do the Createspace edition of whatever is left on Lulu in English (namely, the Books of the Immortals and the Tales of the Southern Kingdoms, starting with the Books of the Immortals, since I want new covers on the southern kingdoms books).

As for writing, I have a slightly clearer idea and priority list, but it’s still quite shady in the second half of the year. I jotted down all the stories I’d like to write/redraft and will also have to plan my vacations by the end of February, so maybe next month the picture will be complete.

I still have to color Samantha the Witch and the Desi Vampire. I’m thinking of putting the no-text pages on DeviantART, but still have to figure out how to publish the 18pages comics. And I’m getting new ideas as well… but that’s for next post! 🙂

Have a great week!

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