Random Friday

A little late, but then, it’s a random post, so… my tribute to David Bowie.

DavidBowie_resizeI did these drawings back in the 1980s to illustrate my first sci-fi “trilogy” (I wrote very short books back then, if I ever get to redrafting it, it will be just one book, not a trilogy) where he was one of the bad guys. In my old virtual casts he was often the bad guy… much like Jaredh in my favorite movie! 🙂

He was never a main muse, but well… he made it to the 21st century. He was Kol-ian’s father, Emperor Seti-luc, and then Bran, the celtic vampire that turns Rajveer. I wish he were immortal like Bran, but unfortunately he was just human. Or maybe not. This is one of the best pics/tributes I found on Facebook:


So long, David… I’m still here as the world falls down…

And in the meantime there was another big loss – Alan Rickman. I loved him in Galaxy Quest, Dogma, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and any other thing I managed to see him in (no, no Harry Potter movies). Not too many, he was never much of a muse for my writing, but I will miss him too.

An excerpt remembering him (from S.E.T.H. included in Star Minds Next Generation Diaries, cover story for the Star Minds Next Generation companion):

“I have lost control of SETH World,” the voice of Alex’s father announced gloomily. “I’m afraid that this space station is doomed. It has become the Death Star…”

Izzy-lee knew only vaguely what he was talking about. Alex had told her that in his youth his father had seen a movie where there was a space station shaped and sized like an artificial moon, which had made him exclaim, “Another galaxy, another era! We’re entering Star Wars!” upon seeing SETH World for the first time, ten years earlier.

“This is not a Gaian sci-fi movie, Dr. Da Vinci,” Izzy-lee snapped. “The best Humanoid scientists of the galaxy work here! Tell us what we can do!”

“Get away from here, kids.”

“I’m not leaving you, Dad,” Alex replied. “What can we do to reverse the process?”

“Nothing, I’m afraid… Oh, boy, I sound like Alan Rickman when he voiced Marvin the depressed robot of the Hitchhiker’s Guide…”

“Cut the shit, Dad, no time for jokes!” Alex snapped. “You didn’t come here all the way from Earth to be destroyed by a system malfunction! There’s no X-wing ship trying to destroy us!”

“Alex, I’m so proud of you.” The disembodied voice sighed. “Izzy-lee, take him away now. He can’t transform into a megarobot and save this artificial world.”

And for this double loss, Chuck Wendig said it best. Death Becomes Us. R.i.P. both of you, David and Alan. One final image from Facebook again.


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