Writer Wednesday

Wrapping up projects and making a priority list for the new year. Kinda unhappy with the latest writing, probably because critical voice has arrived – it had never bothered me before, but since I’ve started trying to learn new stuff, it showed up. Meh.

New year I’ll have to learn to ignore it. Keep writing the way I always did, I’m sure that what I learned will slip through even when I don’t think about it.

I still don’t outline much, but I know at least one story is a total miss and didn’t convey at all what I was trying to say, so I’ll redraft it before the end of the year. Critical voice shows up more when I think about the story and try to add that meat that gives depth. It still feels forced to me.

Must be because I’m tired, it’s the end of the year and I have written almost 400K! 😉 If you have problem with critical voice and outlines, check Dean’s post and don’t forget to follow the chapters of Heilein’s Rules. No other writerly links for now…

Wishing you a Merry Christmas, Hanukah or whatever you celebrate – if you celebrate! Me, I’m just going to my writing cave for 3 days except for the compulsory Christmas lunch at Mom… looking forward to that (the writing cave, not the lunch, LOL)! 😀

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  1. Have a great holiday season! I usually can’t do an outline at the beginning but come up with some sort of rough outline after the first draft. And my internal critic is a problem often. She often paralyzes me with fear that nothing I’m writing is worth reading. There are times when I hate her. I try to keep her banished but she has a way of worming herself in when I’m not noticing.


    • And Merry Christmas to you! 🙂
      It didn’t bother me much before I started learning some craft tricks… now that I’m more aware of what’s “behind” storytelling, it cropped up! 😦
      I used to love every latest baby as the best thing I had ever written… not so anymore. Damn that critical voice. I hope to beat it to submission again next year! 🙂

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