Sunday Surprise

And it’s another guest! His book just went live! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Bobby Treat!

Where do you live and write from?

I live in Round Rock, Texas, just north of Austin.

Why do you write?

I write because I have to. If we didn’t feel an inner need for it, it’s really too much work for too little money for the vast majority of writers.

When did you start writing?

I was 17 years old, I think, and the very first character is still there today. He faded to the background and became a mysterious, shadowy figure over the years, but he’s still there!

What genre(s) do you write?

I’m not completely sure! Is erotic mystery romance space opera a genre? I go where the characters demand I go. I hope that doesn’t leave readers confused in the end, but it may keep them guessing for twenty chapters!

What does your writing routine consist of?

I’m not a “routine” kind of guy. Most days I go to a fried chicken place and spend four to eight hours reading, writing, web surfing, and chatting with the help — but my most productive solid writing hours tend to be midnight to four A.M., lying on my back with a Macbook Air on my stomach. Sometimes I write 3,000 words in the middle of a single night, but other times it takes me two weeks to write that much.

What do you feel are your strengths as a writer? How have you developed these qualities?

I know more English vocabulary than I allow myself to use. There’s no need using $40 words nobody knows, right? I’m good at grammar and punctuation, and I know when to break the rules. I believe in character and story, not rules or genre stereotypes. How did I get that way? I don’t know! In a nutshell? I have no idea! I did win spelling bees in elementary school, and I browsed dictionaries when I was in junior high. I cut my reading teeth on comic books, the Black Stallion, Call of the Wild, David Copperfield, and lots of science fiction.

Where do you find your inspiration? Do you put yourself in your stories?

I’m still inspired by the science fiction I read growing up, especially E. E. (Doc) Smith’s Lensman Series, Robert Silverberg’s To Live Again, Clifford D. Simak’s Time is the Simplest Thing, Tanith Lee’s Birthgrave, Gordon R. Dickson’s Childe Cycle, Roger Zelazny’s This Immortal and Lord of Light, and Isaac Asimov’s The Gods Themselves.

HOWEVER, I want to write a more grown up and modernized version of some of that. Doc Smith was mired in the sexism of his time (but a friendly sort; he was no misogynist). Asimov avoided romance at all costs, and almost all science fiction avoided sex in the 50s and 60s. Silverberg’s To Live Again is a notable exception, but that was 1969. There are still many science fiction writers who can’t write about personal relationships. I’m working to avoid those limits.

Outliner or improviser? Fast or slow writer?

I am the second one, what writers like to call a “pantser”. That, the lack of a routine, and waiting for characters to tell me what they want tend to make me a slow writer.

27916697Tell us about your latest book (add link if published)

The Fire Within is that “erotic mystery romance space opera” I mentioned before. You can read a full description at the link.

Indie publishing or traditional publishing – and why?

It would be nice to make more money and think less about marketing (traditional publishing), but I have no patience for endlessly searching for agents, fielding dozens of rejections, and all that. Self-publishing is easier, faster, and I don’t have to convince anyone but the reader. Now, if I can just get a few readers!

Any other projects in the pipeline?

The sequel (Kell of the Deep Space Corps Book 2) is The Dragon Within. I have it written, but it needs rewrites due to changes in the first book. That will take me a bit of time, but it will get done!

What is your goal as a writer and what are you doing to achieve it?

My only goals are (1) to have fun doing it and (2) to find a few readers of a like mind. There may not be millions, but I know there are a few. Here’s to finding them!

What is the best piece of writing advice you’ve ever been given?

A friend recently told me to put it out there; no more waiting to make it perfect. That’s good advice if you can follow it.

Where to find him:


And to the series website

The book on Goodreads



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