Random Friday

Total randomness brings back the 20th century in this last month of the year. I’ve been reminded of former muses too much lately! And not only because I meant to put them in Da Strip…

strip incomplete to be colored and adjusted…

And by the way, today is a former muse’s birthday… last movie I’ve seen is World War Z! The favorite is probably still Interview with the vampire… 😉

First a Google Alert on Muse K showed the grown-up daughter of a former muse who for some reason uses her mother’s name… but whatever! 😉

Then I rewatched Total Eclipse (which, by the way, mentions… muses and how to celebrate them) and Basketball Diaries. Last movie I’ve seen is Django Unchained, and Inception before that.

There’s the immortal boys of 1964 who haven’t changed much – although one I have sorta lost track of, since the last movie I saw is You, me and Dupree (2006), but I recently rewatched Beautiful Girls (1996) for some inspiration.

The other I follow on Facebook, got his solo album and I know they’re both as immortal and unchangeable as Muse K! 😉

And then trying to remind myself what the 1980s muses looked like, I stumbled upon the man from whom I stole my pen name… boy, he still looks good! Pity that the second best voice of the 80s (after Morten Harkett of A-ha) has moved on to other things.

And that both Wikipedia and IMDB mispell his first name. Should I post the “ID sheet” he filled with his own hand in the 1980s for an Italian magazine? 😉

Can you believe he was the inspiration for Gaurishankar, whom Daniele calls… with his real name, even though I wrote Technological Angel years after he was famous as the singer of a pop band (and in fact Gaurishankar looks like the guy in the video of Home is where the heart is, LOL)?

Anyhow, he’s a composer and filmmaker and he even won a BAFTA, so I’ll have to get meself a DVD or two in January! 😉

And speaking of movies and the 1980s… I was 15 when The Empire Strikes Back came out, and I saw it in theaters before Star Wars (that came back into theaters after the second movie came out). I love the original trilogy.

Will I see the sequels? No more than I watched the 4th Indiana Jones. Nope. Sorry. I’d rather remember Han Solo and Indiana Jones in their thirties… 😉 Have a great weekend!

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  1. LOL! We’re going to go see the new star wars when the hoopla dies down a bit.



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