An Interview With Writer Barbara G.Tarn

interview with yours truly, with special thanks to Eliza Gales…


Barbara G.Tarn is a blogger and the author of Rajveer the Vampire; here is a  link to her blog:

Q:  What is Rajveer the Vampire about?

A: It’s about a proud Rajput warrior in 14th century India who is turned into a bloodsucker by a western druid… making him immortal, but also extremely conflicted! His religion doesn’t really approve of drinking people’s blood. Fortunately he doesn’t have to kill anyone to survive and thrive, but it still takes stamina to live through the centuries, watching mortal lives wither and die.

Q: What inspired you to write it?

A: My love for India and Bollywood! I noticed a few Bollywood actors have rather pointed canines… it actually started as a joke, with my body-switching witch wanting a Desi Vampire as a pet (you can read “Samantha’s Day” in “Strange Portals”, the Inkslingers free anthology that came out last…

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