Writer Wednesday

Last title of the year is out. Two Tales of the Northern Kingdoms is two short stories I wrote this year but kept in a drawer until now. One was sent around to some magazine, the other is actually an old story translated, so probably not my best work. Next year I’ll publish a collection of all these stories of the Northern Kingdoms, including Firebird and the ones that I still have to write…

Don’t forget to check the sale on the m/m titles, including Beautiful, a sweet m/m romance, a fairy tale revisited, etc. Smashwords added another few places where it distributes, except by adding Tolino I have a duplicated channel with Draft2Digital… and considering how Smashwords works, I had to opt out manually for almost 100 titles.

I much prefer D2D asking me where I want to distribute each book, instead of opting out of the channel I go either direct or don’t want… Besides, they added another channel too, and asked if I wanted to add all my books to it or manually add them later… not to mention that they automatically update the backmatter with one click…

Writerly links – don’t miss the posts on Heinlein’s Rules on Dean Wesley Smith’s blog. I always followed 1 and 2, but I was stuck on 3 for years on end, never sending out stuff (which doesn’t mean I kept rewriting it, I simply put it in a drawer)…

And check also Gamblers and Artists by Kristine Katryn Rusch. She mentions Stephen King too. So lots of wisdom from real professional writers in that article. Go read it and prepare for next year.

I wanted to write 500K this year, and only reached 375K  (unless during the Holidays, when everybody else is busy, I can pour out another 25K, which would still leave me 100K shy of my goal), but I don’t feel like a failure.

But it’s a little early for New Year’s resolutions! 😀 I shall go back to writing and wish you a great week!


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