Writer Wednesday

Unblocked the contemporary stories, might finish even the longer work I started back in September… but you won’t see them until next year! 😉 Might be this week, where we have a holiday, I have an Aunt Day and less time to write, so I decided to work on those instead of starting a new fantasy story…

From the book fair – the Espresso Book Machine. After the 2012 preview

IMG_8089 IMG_8088it’s now all over the world (almost), including this third world country! That’s a very good way to get into the Mondadori Stores here in Italy – and other places in the world. Although Createspace and Amazon send printed books to many bookstores, the Espresso Book Machine reaches country where Amazon hasn’t set foot yet, so… worth a thought!

Writerly links! Moira Allen’s good-bye and thoughts on the world of publishing, the good, the bad and the changes we all went through in the past beginning of millennium.

If that newsletter is gone, you can still learn from books if you grab this bundle before Christmas (or put it on your Christmas wishlist). I got them when they were separate bundles, and I’m still trudging through them. Wait for the end-of-the-year reading post to see the recommended titles (although it will come out after Christmas, so get it now)!

Numbers – 2015 Smashwords Survey and Authors Earnings report on the UK market. Food for thought. It’s an international market and we better be prepared… Have a great week!

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