Writer Wednesday

Colors is done, now I better get if off to betas! 😉 It won’t come out until January, though, since I’m not sending it to the proofreader during the Holidays. I might not have a life, but other people do! 😉 Gives me time to write Cinder Boy as well and send out both at the same time.

I’m redrafting old stories this month and publishing translations, so only one English title before Christmas. In the meantime, please check this Smashwords-only sale on m/m tiles I had already announced here. 50% off selected titles only until the end of the year. 2 fantasy, 2 science fantasy and 1 urban fantasy – what, you think there’s too much fantasy in this lot?

Still haven’t overcome the project blocks on contemporary titles, sorry. You can tell because I’d rather be redrafting old fantasy stories than writing new ones in a contemporary setting! 😉 I do plan to publish another ebook of contemporary stories in 2016, with three new ones (that didn’t appear previously with the discarded pen name), and then do the POD version. Next year.

If you remember my wordcount goal at the beginning of the year, well, I was left behind with all the work on the publisher’s site (excuses, I know!). I shall prepare better for next year, try to keep better track of time, wordcount (for new stories AND translations) and expenses. I’m only now making actual sheets for each title’s expenses – and with 5 years and over 100 titles it’s a real mess – so you better start doing it immediately, if you want to see any return of investment.

I haven’t seen much yet, and I’m not counting my own work  – because I’m still in the red anyway – but one day I’ll be able to put that in too, so I better start keeping track of how I spend my time now! I can see it’s a struggle already! Oh, and Wordcount-wise: my goal was 500K, I reached 350K, so not too bad after all! 🙂

Writerly links! An interesting post on what market is for indies by Kris Rusch. I probably mentioned I don’t write for any market, I just write what I want to read… although sometimes I have to make priority lists on which story to write first and how to bundle them! 🙂

In a couple of days, the book fair will start here in Rome again. Next week I’ll let you know if I heard something new about publishing in Italy… too late I saw there was a section for translation rights exchange, but if next year some small publisher would like to participate, let’s get in touch! 😉

Have a great week and enjoy the snow until the end of the month! New header in January, preview on my Facebook page! 🙂


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