Random Friday

Movie and Art Friday! I’ve watched Tale of Tales (which is shot in English with an international cast, but it’s an Italian movie, believe it or not!) and I enjoyed it, even though I’m not familiar with the original fairy tales (but I do know at least one similar to the flea story – except it wasn’t a flea but a louse, and I know it in French).  And I loved watching the extras on how they created the sea-dragon and other special effects. Yes, there’s green screen, but not everything is CG! 😉 So, some fantasy-fairy-tale-ish story in tune with my latest writing, LOL!

I’m also reading Fairy Tales Slashed (unbelievably it’s a group read this month, and I’m reading at the same time as the group – I had downloaded the sample before going to Japan, but since it was selected and I’m in fairy tale mood, I thought I might as well read it now) and I’m enjoying it so far, in spite of the typos and bad formatting and lack of sex! 😉 Just kisses, but that’s fine – more or less what you get in Beautiful, LOL!

And I’m trying to start on Samantha the Witch and the Desi Vampire… I can tell I won’t be drawing for much longer if I go on like this! Here’s another cover attempt (I will mix the drawings to compose the cover and color them):

newcover_resizeThose remi-realistic portraits? I had a real hard time at drawing the details of the eyes – maybe because I wasn’t at my usual low table on the bed but at work and I couldn’t move the sheet like I wanted… I’m still good with chibi-style, though, since it’s less detailed! 😉

I’ve considered drawing on the computer directly, but staring at the screen hurts my eyes even more. So yesterday I barely colored two new Happiness Is… and a Muse vignette and had to give up and do something else… Leaving you with the Muse vignette and the latest Happiness Is… Have a great weekend!

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