Random Friday

2015-11-10 15.24.15Hello, Priyanka! It was a nice surprise to see your face plastered all over Rome, Italy! 😉 Of course I knew what it was all about since Muse H is so proud of you! 😀 Except I don’t watch TV, and I doubt I can get that channel for free, so I won’t be watching Quantico. If anyone is seeing it, please comment with your thoughts on the show, thank you! 🙂

On the long distance flights to Japan I watched a few movies and of course I chose from the Bollywood selection! 😉 On Swiss (Zurich-Tokyo) I watched only one movie, PK. More out of curiosity for the poster with naked Aamir covering himself with a tape-recorder than because I really really really wanted to see it. I mean, Aamir Kahn is not one of my favorites! 😉

And now I can tell he has only two faces, the serious one a la Lagaan, and the silly one a la PK – and he shows both in Dhoom 3, so I guess he covered it all, LOL! Anyhow, this is a comedy, it’s funny and I didn’t mind it. I might watch it again with my friend who likes him, but I don’t think I’ll buy the DVD…

On the return flight, Lufthansa Osaka-Frankfurt, I had time to watch two, since it was daytime for me and I didn’t sleep much (which made me crash when I got to Frankfurt and I had that six hours layover and I wanted to kill the travel agent who had booked that flight – end rant/digression).

So I watched first Dil Dhadakne Do, since I liked all Zoya Akthar’s previous movies and wanted to see this one too (and Aamir Khan is only a voice, so… very happy not to see his… ears! 😉 I’m mean, I know).

It was already on the to-buy list and still is. It’s another family comedy, well, probably dramedy, and I loved it. I see now that I’ve seen two movies in a row with Anushka Sharma! 🙂 I like her, so I don’t mind…

And then I watched Tanu Weds Manu Returns, with double bill of Kangana Ranaut (although I admit at first I hadn’t recognized her… small screen’s fault! 😉 Or maybe I was already tired and not paying attention…).

It was another fun movie – well, another dramedy – and I think Madhavan is plump but cute! 😉 I will probably add this movie to the to-buy list as well. Whenever I get back to London/Southall, I shall try to email the guy beforehand, so when I get there he has all the DVDs I need! 😉

That’s all for Bollywood randomness! Have a great weekend!

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